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Taylor McMorrow
Taylor McMorrow

Taylor McMorrow '19

Human Development and Family Science/French Major

When people ask me why I love Mount Union, I tell them the people.


Human Development and Family Science/French


Avon, Ohio

Why Mount Union

The first time I visited campus, as my mom often reminds me, I felt at home. From there, every school I visited failed in my comparison to Mount.

Friendly Campus

When people ask me why I love Mount, I tell them the people. The University is amazing, but what makes the experience exceptional are all my fellow Raiders and the way our lives intersect with classes and organizational involvements. It’s impossible not to see a pal on the way to class!

Why Human Development and Family Science and French 

When I came to Mount I was completely undecided, but there were 80 majors so I figured I’d find one! Sure enough, the beautiful ladies in the student success office helped me figure out what I was passionate about and discussed different pathways to continue doing things I loved.  

Studying Abroad Experience

I’m telling you all these fun facts from a coffee shop in France where I’m currently studying abroad, so naturally this experience wins! I’ve had so many cool classroom experiences with different research projects at Mount, but to anyone considering it, take the chance to experience what Mount offers outside of campus or the country! Studying abroad has pushed my language learning to a new level, but has also pushed me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. It's a life-changing experience you don’t want to pass by.

Integrative Core

Taking classes in a variety of fields has forced me to learn and look at problems from so many different angles. The presentation aspect of the Integrative Core has also pushed me so much - I went from a nervous wreck to having a personality in front of my peers, and that’s a priceless and important skill to have heading into the workplace!

Advice to Prospective Students

The cliché is true: when you step on campus, you’ll know. Take every opportunity to visit campus, and when you come, see more than just the dorm room and classroom. Come to a sporting event or for an overnight and see what life here is like, not just what the website tells you. You won’t regret it!