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Green Raiders

Green Raiders

Join the Green Raiders, an organization devoted to practicing and promoting sustainable living through recycling, energy and water conservation, education on environmental issues, and more.

  • What is a Green Raider?
    • We are a student organization that encourages sustainability on campus.
    • We’re passionate about protecting the environment and living environmentally friendly.
  • What do we do?
    • Sponsor events on an off campus, including student-friendly sustainable meal prep and making upcycled crafts.
    • Implement change on campus.
    • Talk about sustainability with students. 
    • Collaborate with other student-led organizations.
    • Educate the community.
    • Clean up our local environments: trails, lakes, creeks, etc.
  • How does it work?
    • We meet Tuesdays during UMT throughout the semester.
    • Each Green Raiders must spearhead an initiative, project, or event.
    • Weekly work varies from one hour to four hours per week.
  • Why apply?
    • We’re a paid work-study program, including our weekly meetings.
    • Meet new friends, faculty, and staff.
    • Make a difference in your community.
  • What now?
    • Are you interested in applying? Send an email to our advisor, Amy McElhinney at, attend one of our meetings, attend an event, or reach out to a current member.
    • Applications open in the spring of every year.
    • Follow the Green Raiders on Instagram @umugreenraiders.

Green Raider Sustainability Awards

The Mount Union Green Raider Sustainability Awards are presented annually to a faculty member, a staff member, and a student who has enhanced sustainability at Mount Union through actions that promoted the principles of social, financial, and environmental responsibility, and who has done so in a way that created a more sustainable, efficient, and healthy atmosphere for our campus community.

Nominations may be made by any member of the campus community. You may nominate as many individuals as you wish. To nominate a student, a faculty member, or a staff member, send an email to with the nominee's name, whether they are a faculty member, staff member, or student, as well as an answer to the following question:

    • Past Green Raider Award Recipients

      Kanika Bansal 
      Stephen Craig
      Emily R. Becker
      Chris Stanton
      Jamie Greiner 
      Hayley Maher

      Hans Tritico
      Bonnie Twaddle
      Alejandra Twiss

      Sheryl (Ames ’90) Mason
      Dianne Hoover
      Emily Keller


      Kelsey Scanlon
      Dominic Golembiewski
      Carly Jaksic

      Shehla Arif 
      Anson Gross 
      Mallory Glenn 

      Scott Gravlee
      Gina Maida
      Reilly Augustine and Gretchen Dietz

      Paul Tidman
      Jim Rhodes
      Becky Oblak 

      Chuck Mcclaugherty
      Abby Honaker
      Hayley Buzulencia 

      Steve Kramer 
      Debbie Knepp 
      Sarah Kelly

      Lori Kumler 
      Blaine Lewis 
      Kelly Slutz

      Debra Boyd-Kimball
      Lorie Miller
      Zak Suhar