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School of Business Student Success

The School of Business prepares students for professional lives in business and related fields. We accomplish this with rigorous coursework complemented by practical assignments, opportunities for practical experience outside the classroom, and an accessible, academically and professionally qualified faculty.

School faculty members focus on several measures of student progress and success by evaluating program measures such as retention and adjusted graduation rates as illustrated below.

Mount Union students typically declare a major in their sophomore year. In a table provided below, the retention between freshman and sophomore years is the institutional number and percentage, including all undergraduates. The retention between the sophomore to junior year and junior to senior year is the department number and percentage, representing only majors in the department. 

First to second-year retention rates are for all UMU students in the cohort (first-year, full-time students) second to third and third to fourth-year retention rates are for students that had a declared a business major by the end of the fall semester of their second year   

Cohort Matriculation Year Fall 2016 Fall 2017 Fall 2018 Fall 2019 Fall 2020 Fall 2021 Fall 2022
University Cohort (n) 642 539 625 555 550 491 550
Enrolled second fall (n) 483 413 450 422 394 408
First to second-year retention in University 75.2% 76.6% 72.0% 76.0% 71.6% 83.1%
Unduplicated School of Business students in fall of year two (n) 71 76 92 66 62
Unduplicated business students in fall of year three (n) 53 57 67 50 80
Second to third-year retention within business 80.3% 82.6% 88.2% 86.2% 88.9%
Unduplicated School of Business students in fall of year three (n) 63 64 82 63
Second to third-year retention within business 88.7% 84.2% 89.1% 95.5%