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Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education

The Office of Alcohol, Drug and Wellness Education strives to facilitate student growth and development, encourage exploration of and balance within the social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, physical and emotional components of wellness.  

The Office of Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education serves to provide a 3-pronged approach to education, programming, and student growth and development: (1) individuals; (2) student body as a whole; and (3) university and the greater community. Through holistic education, prevention, and counseling, the Office underscores the University’s mission to prepare students for meaningful work, fulfilling lives and responsible citizenship. By focusing on making healthy choices including responsible drinking, sexual education, and drug use prevention, the office works collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students to develop proactive programming, education, and counseling opportunities. 

The Office of Alcohol, Drug and Wellness Education provides programming and outreach in the form of campus-wide “awareness” events (i.e. National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Great American Smoke Out and Safe Spring Break), hall and floor programs, and individual and group counseling sessions.  The office provides education and counseling for students concerned about alcohol, drugs and other wellness related issues.  Additionally, the Office of Alcohol, Drug and Wellness Education is a campus-wide resource – providing wellness-related information and referrals for students, whether for a class project or personal use. 

Two student organizations work in conjunction with the Office of Alcohol, Drug and Wellness Education: C.H.O.I.C.E.S. (Choosing Healthy Options in Celebration of Educational Success) and GAMMA (Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol).  C.H.O.I.C.E.S. provides education and opportunities for students interested in health and wellness issues.  They are a student organization made up of trained peer educators who offer programs on stress management, healthy decision making, and other wellness related topics.  GAMMA is composed of and works with students participating in fraternity and sorority life.  GAMMA offers programs designed to improve risk-management and promote responsible attitudes toward alcohol use. 

The office of Alcohol, Drug and Wellness Education also advises three student-led committees to address current public health concerns: 

  • YOUng People Matter: Student-led committee that addresses the misuse and abuse of prescription medication among 18-24 year-olds.  They are active not only on campus but also at the county and state levels. 
  • BUZZKILL: Serve Under 21 and the Party is Over:   A student-led committee designed to inform students about social hosting laws in Ohio and expose myths of how to “get around” social hosting laws. 
  • Keep Off the Grass: A student-led committee to address the pros and cons of marijuana use. 

The Office of Alcohol, Drug and Wellness Education is located in the Student Affairs area behind the Information Desk in the Hoover-Price Campus Center and welcomes all visitors.