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Allysa Malone '22

Primary education major

I know that in every aspect of my life on campus, I am surrounded by people who will encourage and support me.


B.A., Primary Education


Green, Ohio

Learning About Mount

I heard about Mount Union from my high school cheerleading coach, who was actually a mathematics major with an AYA minor. I chose to attend Mount Union because I wanted to go to a college where I would be more than a number. Attending a smaller college meant that my professors would know who I was and invest in my education. I knew that people would care about who I was as a person and what they could do to help me succeed in the classroom and in life. I received the Presidential Scholarship, as well as a cheerleading scholarship each year.

Becoming an Education Major

I actually came into Mount Union as an exercise science major with a focus in pre-med. Over the years growing up, I kept changing what I wanted my future career to be, but education always was in the back of my mind. After one semester in exercise science, I knew it wasn’t for me and I was drawn to wanting to be a teacher. I had two very influential teacher’s in my life, my 1st grade teacher, Michelle Sarver, and my 10th grade English teacher, Kevin Finucan. I always felt so welcomed in their classrooms and they showed me that they were there for me. They didn’t just want to see me succeed in the classroom, they wanted to help me succeed in life. I have always been someone who wanted to help people and I know that as an educator, the role I will play in a child’s life can extend far beyond the classroom. 

Preparing to be a Teacher 

My favorite part about being an education major is going into the field and working with students and current teachers. I have learned so much in my lectures, but if I have learned anything from my professors, it’s that things don’t always happen the way you expect them to. Seeing a teacher adapt to their students and work with them has allowed me to further extend my knowledge and prepared me to be a teacher myself one day. I have never been one that enjoys public speaking and presentations. However, through the integrative core, I have learned so much about how to be confident speaking in front of others. As a teacher, I will be talking in front of an audience every day and my experiences with presentations have helped prepare me to teach lessons and work with students and their families.

Teaching Goals 

My ultimate career goal is to be a 1st grade teacher and high school cheerleading coach. My professors have helped prepare me for my future goals by taking their own knowledge as a former teacher, as well as staying up to date on recent information. I always feel like I am one step ahead as my professors teach far beyond what I am required to know as a future educator.

Community at Mount Union

Mount Union feels like a second home because I am always surrounded by people who want to see me succeed. I know that in every aspect of my life on campus, I am surrounded by people who will encourage and support me. I would tell high school students looking at colleges to consider a place where their professors will know their name and every time they are on campus, they will see a familiar face. Going to Mount Union, I know someone everywhere I go and it feels like its own community.