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Dewald Honors Celebration

The Dewald Honors Celebration is a significant event in the life of the institution because we pause to recognize high academic achievement among our students. Although we aren’t able to join together in person, we didn’t want to let the opportunity pass by without recognizing our students for their accomplishments.

Through this virtual celebration, we recognize students who have proven their ability as members of our Honors Program, Presidential Scholars, Investment Alliance Award recipients, and incoming students who have achieved academic honors while in high school. Also, we acknowledge those who have attained Deans’ List status during one or more semesters last academic year.

The Dewald Honors Celebration was made possible through the vision and dedication of two people, husband and wife, who cared deeply about advancing academic achievement and spiritual growth. That couple is the late Dr. Donald and Effie Dewald.

Dr. Dewald was a graduate of the College of Wooster and the Medical School at Case Western University. He was a practicing physician in Mansfield, Ohio. Mrs. Dewald was a 1938 graduate of Mount Union and during her career, she taught a combined third and fourth-grade class, as well as junior high school science, and helped in a settlement school in Cleveland.

I’m sure you also realize that the Dewald name is on our campus chapel. That facility, which was the first freestanding chapel in our history, was made possible through the generosity of Don and Effie.

- Jeff Breese, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Awarding of the 2019-2020 Class Academic Prizes. View the finalist for each prize below.

  1. A. P. Rickard and Alice W. and Stanley T. Evans Freshman Prize

    The A. P. Rickard and Alice W. and Stanley T. Evans Freshman Prize is made possible by the family of A. P. Rickard (Class of 1907), his daughter Alice (Class of 1938), and her husband Stanley T. Evans (Class of 1937). This award is given annually to the member of the freshman class who has the highest grade point average at the close of the academic year and is considered by the University faculty to be the worthiest of this prize.

    Jordan Davis

    Jordan is a computer science major of Louisville, Ohio. He was the recipient of the Carl Mathematics Prize, has appeared on the Deans' List, and presented at SCHOLAR Day.

    Faith Hoobler

    Faith is an intervention specialist major of Hammomdsville, Ohio. She is a member of the women's indoor and outdoor track teams, GAMMA, Alpha Delta Pi, and the Student National Education Association, and has appeared on the Deans' List.

    Ryleigh Jones

    Ryleigh is a French major of Stow, Ohio. She is a member of the French Club, Pride, and the Student Nursing Organization.

  2. Ralph K. and Elizabeth B. Ramsayer Sophomore Prize and Faculty/Staff Prize

    Announced jointly, the Academic Policies Committee recognizes that there is a great deal of consistency with regard to the semi-finalists and finalists for both sophomore and faculty/staff awards. So, please see our finalists for either or both awards.

    The Ralph K. and Elizabeth B. Ramsayer Sophomore Prize was established by Dr. Ralph K. Ramsayer (Class of 1920) and his wife, Elizabeth, to honor the most outstanding member of the sophomore class. Scholarship, development of personality, and leadership and achievement in extracurricular subjects serve as a basis for the award.

    The Faculty/Staff Prize was established by the faculty to honor an academically talented student of the same class who has exhibited extraordinary achievement in his or her academic program. The recipient, who is chosen from the top 20 students in the class, will also be recognized during the October faculty meeting.

    Amye Frontz

    Amye is a biochemistry major of Wooster, Ohio. She is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, the Association of Pre-PA Students, Beta Beta Beta, and the American Chemical Society; has appeared on the Deans' List; and was the recipient of the Morgan Song Biochemistry Prize.

    Brianna Funderburk

    Brianna is an economics and mathematics double major of Louisville, Ohio. She is a member of the Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Knitting Club, Relay for Life, and the Student National Education Association; has appeared on the Deans' List; and presented at SCHOLAR Day.

    Marcus Ryder

    Marcus is a civil engineering major of Mercer, Pennsylvania. He is a member of the men's cross country and indoor and outdoor track teams, has appeared on the Deans' List, and presented at SCHOLAR Day.

    Katharine E. Wilson

    Katharine is a neuroscience major of Canton, Ohio. She is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Delta Pi, and Student Senate and has appeared on the Deans' List.

  3. McMaster/Drushal Junior Prize

    The McMaster/Drushal Junior Prize was established through the combined gifts of John Logan Drushal of Alliance and J. N. McMaster of Akron. The award honors the member of the junior class who is highest in scholarship and deportment for the academic year.

    Amanda Hegidus

    Amanda is a multi-platform software development major of Uniontown, Ohio. She is a member of Active Minds, Tech Connect, has appeared on the Deans' List, and was the recipient of the Mary Cook Weber Prize.

    Michaela Velichka

    Michaela is an early childhood education major of Eastlake, Ohio. She is a member of the Honors Program, Active Minds, Alpha Lambda Delta, the American Sign Language Club, and has has appeared on the Deans' List.

    Katherine D. Wilson

    Katherine is a psychology major of Findlay, Ohio. She is a member of the Honors Program, the women's cross country and indoor and outdoor track and field teams, Alpha Mu Gamma, and Alpha Lambda Delta; has appeared on the Deans' List; and was the recipient of the Elmer George Prize.

The University would like to take a moment to recognize the following students for their academic achievement.

Deans' List (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020), Freshman Merit Scholars, and Honor Students.

  1. A-E

    Elizabeth Abahazi

    Nolan Abbiatici

    Madeleine Abrigg

    Anthony Achille

    Richard Achor

    Isaiah Acosta

    Taylor Adamczak

    Abigail Adams

    Alyssa Adams

    Daniel Adams

    Lily Adams

    Ajani Adegbindin

    Emily Adkins

    Camryn Ailes

    Hussain Al Jaman

    Hawra Al Saeed

    Zade Al-Shinnawi

    Zahra Albahrani

    Daniel Alfes

    Yazeed Alghareeb

    Amal Alhafah

    Zahra Alhajji

    Delaney Allan

    Nathaniel Allen

    Kayla Allen

    Abbie Allison

    Trace Allshouse

    Fatimah Almadan

    Ahmed Hassan Almalki

    Karlee Altimore

    Haley Amelung

    Rachel Amos

    Abigayle Anderson

    Haleigh Anderson

    Maxwell Anderson

    Anthony Andreski

    Olivia Andrew

    Joshua Andrews

    Chase Angotti

    Kinsley Anstine

    Colton Antram

    Nicholas Antram

    Bryce Arbaugh

    Eileen Armstrong

    Abigail Arnold

    Matthew Arnold

    Liberty Arnold

    Justin Arnold

    Alexander Artimez

    Mark Astronskas

    Samuel Atkinson

    Victoria Atkinson

    Jordan Aubel

    Angelina Aulisio

    Eleni Ault

    John Auman

    Briana Aveni

    Anthony Baad

    Lucy Baer

    Macy Bailey

    Erin Bain

    Daniel Baker

    Shawn Baker

    Gabriel Baker

    Sebastian Baker

    Morgan Balazs

    Bailey Balderson

    Brandon Baldwin

    Logan Ballard

    Adam Ballish

    Clayton Barkan

    Alec Barker

    Austin Barker

    Izaiah Barnes

    Cory Barnett

    Tristan Barnhouse

    Carson Barrett

    Artaesha Barrino

    Chase Barron

    Anna Bartlett

    Jacob Barton

    Michael Basch

    Julia Bates

    Kerry Battershell

    Melvin Battles (V)

    Sydney Baur

    Cassandra Beach-Groves

    Blake Beatrice

    Alexis Beaver

    Jacob Beavon

    John Bechtler

    Austin Beck

    Emily Becker

    Camille Becker

    Courtney Beckley

    William Beebe

    Raymond Belchick

    Seth Beldean

    Logan Bell

    Brian Belz

    Kiara Bennett

    Kaylyn Bennett

    Makaela Bennett

    Allan Benson

    Amanda Bentley

    Zachary Berdysz

    Emily Berg

    Matthew Berner

    Natalie Bert

    Maximus Betscakos

    Olivia Bevan

    Brianna Biery

    Garrett Bischof

    Audrey Bishop

    Bryce Biskup

    Analisa Bizon

    Grace Bjordahl

    Ryland Black

    London Black

    Kayley Black

    Ian Black

    Reannan Blackmore

    Rochelle Blackmore

    Lukas Blaine

    Alexis Blake

    Sophia Blake

    Emily Blankenship

    Nicholas Bledsoe

    Aaron Blevins

    Trevor Bloom

    Zarliyah Board

    Brittany Bober

    Jonathan Boccella

    Carolyn Boccieri

    Anna Bodo

    Lillian Boehm

    Lily Bogunovich

    Morgan Boland

    Brittany Bolevich

    Emma Bolyard

    Baylee Booth

    Carley Boring

    Allison Boschini

    Cheyanne Bosse

    Morgan Boswell

    Hannah Botzman

    Amy Bowens

    Nathan Bower-Malone

    Harrison Bowker

    Francesca Bowman

    Kayla Bowyer

    Aubyn Boyce

    Robert Boyer

    Tonnelle Boykins

    Kendall Bozick

    Emma Bradley

    Chyenne Brammer

    Ashley Bray

    Jose Brazoban

    William Breski

    Taylor Breyley

    Willis Brienza

    Karley Brightman

    Tristen Brink

    Malik Britt

    Abigail Brock

    Payton Brockman

    Kathryn Brodbeck

    Connor Brogan

    Benjamin Broscheid

    Alecsander Broscheid

    Anna Brown

    Logan Brown

    Melody Brown

    Nicole Brown

    Jacob Brown

    Amanda Brown

    Faith Brown

    Nicholas Brown

    Ty'Aren Brown

    Mark Bruns

    Alexander Bryan

    Natalie Bubenheim

    Katelyn Buckles

    Michael Bucknor

    Ricky Buggs

    Brooke Bullen

    Sydney Bumbarger

    John Bunting

    Alyssa Burcaw

    Elijah Burch

    Hailey Burch

    Madison Burk

    Kyler Burkett

    Logan Burns

    Kent Burns

    Taylor Burrell

    Karly Burrelli

    Hannah Burress

    Clorise Busch

    Jacob Buttar

    Kayla Butts

    Corrin Calderone

    Eric Caldwell

    Vincent Camma

    Dylon Campbell

    Patricia Campbell

    Dylaina Campbell

    Grace Campbell

    Camryn Campbell

    Sage Cantini

    Louis Cardona

    Carissa Carmichael

    Alyssa Carnivale

    Madison Caroscio

    Alaina Carpenter

    Austin Carper

    Ashley Carr

    Cassandra Carr

    John Carroll III

    Alexander Carrothers

    Kaylee Carruthers

    Kaylie Carson

    Macei Carter

    Bennett Caruso

    Ashley Cascio

    Megan Casciola

    Krysten Castenir

    Gabriella Cataloni

    Taylor Catlett

    Mackenzie Cavalier

    Sarah Champlin

    Adam Chaney

    Brittany Chapman

    Benjamin Chaszeyka

    Sara Chaszeyka

    Julia Chen

    Andrew Chen

    Christie Chesser

    Katelin Chilton

    Elise Chojnacki

    Elise Chollett

    Daniel Chung

    Maria Ciao

    Carson Ciesinski

    Alexis Cintron

    Elijah Ciotti

    Allison Cipalla

    John Cisneros

    Katherine Clark

    Paige Clinger

    Xavier Cloud

    Avery Clouse

    Robert Cobb

    Rachel Cobedesh

    Brody Coleman

    Peter Collier

    Lindsey Collins

    Cassandra Collins

    Abigail Collinsworth

    Jacob Coman

    Sarah Conley

    Mason Conn

    Caitlynn Conner

    Armon Cook

    Emily Cooney

    Rachel Cooper

    Tyler Cooper

    Walker Cooper

    Olivia Cope

    Charles Cope III

    Kayla Cordle

    Gibson Cornett

    Isabella Cosentino

    Dean Coso

    Madison Coss

    Leah Costello

    Erin Cotton

    Chance Coultrip

    Bariah Coursin

    Alexandra Cox

    Cameron Cox

    Joseph Coxon

    Maggie Craig

    Lauren Craig

    Maxwell Craig

    Haley Crews

    Jeffrey Cronin

    Robert Cross

    Andrew Cross

    Quinnlan Crowe

    Keith Cruse

    Hailey Csizmadia

    Airianna Culler

    Johnny Cullins

    Andrea Cunningham

    Taylor Cupp

    Brian Cuppett

    Justin Curl

    Derek Currey

    Lauren Currie

    Jacquelyn Custer

    Mara Cvelbar

    Aaron Czech

    Mary Dagan

    Danielle Daiger

    Dylan Daley

    Frazier Daniel

    Dalton Daniello

    Garrett Daniello

    Brandon Dare

    Allison Darragh

    Samuel Darrin

    Keirsten Daugherty

    Joshua Davidson

    Emmett Davis

    Jordan Davis

    Kimberly Davis

    Lawren Davis

    Olivia Davis

    Ciara Davis

    Edwin Davis

    Treyon Davis

    Evan Days

    Eliza Days

    Nicholas Deack

    Zachary Dean

    Robert Dean

    Elyssa Dean

    Auquay Dean

    Cody DeBos

    Natale DeCato

    Andrea Decker

    Angela Defabio

    Gianna DeFranco

    Richard DeLambo Jr.

    Taylor DeLong

    Joseph Demeis

    Megan Denny

    Samuel Denny

    Dominic Deshuk

    Kaleb Detellem

    Peyton Detling

    Benjamin Devenney

    Kaitlyn DeWitt

    Kathryn Dhayer

    Santino Diaz-Palma

    Juilia DiBease

    James DiCioccio

    Riley Dick

    Olivia DiDonato

    Dustin Diehl

    Michael Dietrich

    Andrea Dietry

    Andrea Dietz

    Thomas DiGiampietro

    Shannon Dillon

    Tianna Dillon

    Elizabeth Dimos

    Ryan Ditrick

    Dillon Dixon

    Tanner Dixon

    Katelyn Doemel

    Claire Dolan

    Thomas Domanick

    Elizabeth Domer

    Olan Domer

    Margaret Dominick

    Micah Donley

    Caleb Dorris

    Greg Dotstry

    Andrew Douglas

    Maxwell Doyle

    Erika Drager

    Chloe Dragos

    Kayla Dreger

    Natalie Dubaj

    Travis DuBois

    Andrew Dudack

    Brenna Duke

    Brandon Duktig

    Leeah Dulaney

    Jeffrey Dunfee

    Olivia Dunn

    Kyle Dunn

    Mollianne Dunn

    Alexis Dupont

    Aleksandr Duran

    Katie Durisin

    Madison Dustman

    Matthew Dutt

    Nicholas Dye

    Jocelyn Eber

    Connor Ecrement

    Matthew Eddins

    Zachary Eddins

    Shawn Eddy

    Jordan Edith

    Edson Edmond

    Isaiah Edwards

    Rachel Edwards

    Alexa Egnotovich

    Makara Eick

    Bethany Eierdam

    Bethany Eierdam Sr.

    Evan Eifert

    Maria Ellesin

    Jordan Elliott

    Thomas Elliott

    Zachary Ellis

    Alexander Ellison

    Mackenzie Ellman

    Allison Embeck

    Natalie Engle

    Jack Erickson

    Brianna Erler

    Haley Eskra

    Victoria Esposito

    Camdynn Essary

    Paige Essig

    Molly Eubanks

    Mahlee Evans

    Alyssa Eyth

  2. F-L

    Joseph Falatok

    Olivia Faler

    Tori Fanello

    Austin Fearon

    Jacob Feldner

    Max Feller

    Kaylee Ferguson

    Alexander Ferry

    Mikayla Fetters

    Matthew Fetty

    Bailey Fields

    Urgela Figaro

    Chase Filicko

    Adam Filo

    Matthew Filo

    Matthew Fink

    Amanda Finkenthal

    Samantha Finkenthal

    Julieann Fioritto

    Nathan Fisette

    Augusta Fisher

    Dominic Fisher

    Kameron Fisher

    Mohannahas Fitch-Pennybaker

    Cody Fitzwater

    Gianna Flasco

    Dominic Flasco

    Austin Flask

    Paige Flatley

    Kailyn Fleming

    Hailey Fleming

    Michaela Folks

    Riley Fortkamp

    Jack Fortner

    Joshua Fouche

    Macy Foutz

    Leah Fox

    Madeline Fraley

    Lauren Francescone

    Dylan Franchino

    Caitlyn Franczkowski

    Logan Frank

    Madison Frank

    Travis Franklin

    Olivia Frantum

    Madeline Frayser

    Victoria Frazeur

    Howard Frazier

    Samantha Friedmann

    Devin Frink

    Elizabeth Fritsch

    Samuel Fronsman

    Amye Frontz

    Natalie Fry

    Marlaina Frye

    Aneziah Fryer

    Nicholas Fuchs

    Kako Fujita

    Taylor Fultz

    Brianna Funderburk

    Wai Sum Fung

    Lauren Gabriele

    Kari Gaebelein

    Gabriel Gaines

    Alison Galehouse

    Maggie Galentine

    Michael Gallant

    Evan Gallo

    Hannah Gamble

    Nathan Ganger

    Riley Gannon

    Gabrielle Gannon

    Tyler Gannon

    Matthew Garcia

    Claire Gardner

    Colleen Gareau

    Madison Gasparik

    Brianna Gassman

    Tony Gattarello

    Logan Gebhart

    Gavin Geier

    Warren Gentile

    April George

    Taylor Gerback

    Madelynn Gerwin

    Kennady Gibbins

    Nicholas Gill

    Tyler Gill

    Hannah Gillis

    Nicole Giuliano

    Vincent Giumenti

    Kelsie Glass

    Kylie Glass

    Alexander Glauthier IV

    Connor Glivic

    Adrianna Globokar

    Noah Godfrey

    Allie Goldy

    Christian Goodin

    Elijah Gordon

    Tyler Gorse

    Julianna Goshorn

    David Graber

    Sydney Graffice

    Andrew Graham

    Shelby Graham

    Brady Graham

    Connor Grandon

    Jordyn Granito

    Zane Gray

    Cameron Gray

    Makenzie Grayson

    Ande' Green

    Natasha Green

    Gabriel Greer

    Christopher Greiner

    Elise Greynolds

    Makenzie Grice

    Kennedy Griest

    Brianna Griffin

    Ginette Griffin

    Ethan Griffith

    Peter Griffith

    Tatum Grover

    Jacob Grow

    Alyssa Gruttadauria

    Alison Guerini

    Lindsay Gundlah

    Payton Guspyt

    Kaitlynn Haas

    Joseph Haas

    James Hach

    Sarah Hackett

    Julie Haines

    Faith Haiss

    Denzell Hakim

    Adam Hale

    Andrew Hale

    Corrine Hall

    Arthur Hammond

    Matthew Hammonds

    Megan Hampe

    Jennifer Hamsher

    Bennie Hancock

    James Handwerk

    Aydin Hanousek

    Lydia Harless

    Maria Harms

    Claudia Harris

    Liza Harris

    Noah Hartline

    Audrey Hartman

    Patrick Hartup

    Clay Harvey

    Nolan Hassel

    Anne Hastings

    Andrew Hathaway

    Alyssa Hattery

    Joseph Haueter

    Rachel Hawk

    Haylee Hawk

    Aaron Hawk

    Charles Hawley

    Carissa Haynes

    Sophie Haynes

    Nathan Heater

    Grace Heath

    Leyna Heather

    Kathryn Hedberg

    Jennifer Hedges

    Amanda Hegidus

    Alexander Heighberger

    Brooklyn Hellman

    Alyssa Helmick

    Julia Henderson

    Thomas Henshaw

    Kendra Hensley

    Luke Henwood

    Jayden Herhold

    Benjamin Herman

    Kelly Herold

    Zachary Herrera

    Lydia Herrholtz

    Evan Hershberger

    Sarah Hessel

    Jessica Heymann

    Kyle Hieb

    Joseph Higginbotham

    Ashley Hill

    Giavonna Hill

    Verquatice Hill

    Trae Hillyer

    Blane Himmelheber

    Austin Hindley

    Mary Hindley

    Charles Hines

    Olivia Hippely

    Lauren Hippely

    Easton Hitchens

    Dominic Hite

    Zachary Hlas

    Gayle Hoffman

    Gina Hoffman

    Jenna Hoffman

    Joseph Hoffman

    Benjamin Hoffmann

    Gwyneth Hollenbach

    Elias Holm

    Michael Holmes

    Michael Holmes Jr.

    Chloe Holt

    Amelia Holt-Hoskins

    Matthew Honaker

    Faith Hoobler

    Bryce Hood

    Hannah Hoover

    Megan Hoover

    Ryan Hoprich

    Scott Hornbuckle

    Charles Horner

    Madison Horrigan

    Brooks Hostetler

    Aamirah Howard

    ReAna Howland

    Allison Hrovat

    Jacob Hruska

    Sarah Hrycyk

    Michael Huff

    Tobin Huffman

    Meghan Hughes

    Amber Hume

    Haley Hunt

    Jarod Hunter

    Jacob Hunter

    Ashley Huntley

    Lauren Hurley

    Nathan Huscusson

    William Hutchins Jr.

    Rachel Huttner

    Jarrett Hylton

    Emily Ina

    Aurelia Incristi

    Hanna Ingram

    Jason Iorio

    Trumel Isaacs

    Evelyn Isenberg

    Lucius Ivory

    Lucius Ivory III

    McKenna Jablonske

    Emily Jackson

    Kaela Jackson

    Nina Jackson

    Brooke Jacobs

    Michael Jarman

    Tyler Jasinski

    Emma Jeffries

    Julia Jeffries

    Kyle Jenkins

    Deion Jenkins

    Maria Johnson

    Alexis Johnson

    Brihauna Johnson

    Benjamin Johnson-Bowers

    William Johnston

    Martina Jolly

    Nicholas Jones

    Ryleigh Jones

    Rachael Jones

    Benjamin Jones

    Emily Jones

    Joshua Jones

    Kaylonnie Jones

    Haley Jones

    Curtis Joppeck

    Jeffery Joseph

    Nathaniel Joseph

    Abby Kachure

    Rebekah Kalas

    Ronald Kaminski

    Ronald Kaminski III

    Cameron Kamlowsky

    Jackson Kandel

    Alyson Kantor

    Brice Karl

    Judith Karlen

    Tyler Karovic

    Madison Karr

    Samantha Karr

    Alyssa Kasaris

    Jessie Kasper

    Natalie Kaufman

    Dirk Kaufman

    Ethan Kawecki

    Brett Kayser

    Kristin Keasling

    Noah Kee

    Victoria Keener

    Jacob Keeney

    Chad Keirnan

    Andrew Keller

    Emily Keller

    William Keller

    Alaina Kelley

    Alexis Kelley

    Justin Kelley

    Jenna Kelley

    Kayla Kelling

    Sean Kelly

    Anthony Kemer

    Mackenzie Kemer

    Connor Kenosh

    Courtney Kenworthy

    Nathan Keren

    Heavenlight Kerenge

    Julia Kerns

    Eden Kesler

    Ammar Keswani

    Monic Kiconco

    Keaosha Kilgore

    Kayla Kilgore

    Abby Kimball

    Benjamin Kinder

    Sierra Kiner

    Reagen King

    Ryan Kinietz

    Audra Kinnard

    Aaliyah Kinnard

    Tianna Kirkpatrick

    Michelle Kissane

    Alyssa Kissel

    Blaine Kitchen

    Taylor Klein

    Drew Kleinman

    Kaylee Klepper

    Sarah Kline

    Sydney Kline

    Alexis Klingelheber

    Kollin Klingler

    Alexandra Klobusnik

    Mira Knapp

    Jessica Knicely

    Justin Knoch

    Carter Knopick

    Jace Kohl

    Wyatt Kohl

    Haley Kohl

    Trisha Kohut

    Gretchen Koken

    Savannah Kole

    Brittany Kolek

    Drew Kolek

    Lauren Koler

    Nicholas Kovacs

    Carson Kovath

    Benjamin Kowall

    Julia Krause

    Kirstie Kray

    Kaleb Krebs

    Alexis Krese

    Kyle Kresl

    Justin Kroeger

    Kayleigh Kubalek

    Nicholas Kuchar

    Kendra Kuehn

    Zachary Kumar

    Shizuka Kuramitsu

    Yuka Kuroda

    Tommie Kurtz

    Nathaniel Kurtz

    Michael Kushner

    Mason Kutz

    Eric Kwon

    Jeffrey LaBianco

    Jacob Labonte

    Timothy Labuda II

    Brendan Laird

    Marisa Lake

    Ava Lambert

    Nikita Landis

    Callie Landry

    Jacob Langkamp

    Bailey Lanigan

    Gabriel Lanzer

    Christina LaRoy

    Matthew Larsen

    Kylie Laug

    Regan Laurell

    Daniel Laut

    Kennadee Lawson

    Brooke Layton

    Braydon Lazzara

    Dominic Lazzini

    Danielle Lebo

    Shyenne Ledford

    Olivia Ledger

    Jerome Lee

    Alex Leeper

    Jaired Lehman

    Tori Leibolt

    Lacey Lemaster

    Alexandrea Lemaster

    Alexis Lenardos

    Emily Lentz

    Jarek Leonard

    Maria Leonino

    Joshua Lewis

    Brody Lewis

    Jeremy Leyden

    Amanda Liggitt

    Brailyn Lightner

    Matthew Lilja

    Benjamin Lilly

    Brynne Limes

    Samantha Lindsay

    Abigail Lindsay

    Suzanne Lish

    Brian Livolsi

    Bradley Lloyd

    Mackenzie Locher

    Olivia Lombardo

    Forrest Long

    Anthony Lonsway

    Nicholas Lopez

    Brian Lordan

    Alissa Loving

    Gabrielle Lozoya

    William Luca

    Dana Lucas

    Ian Lucic

    Emma Luebbering

    Jarrett Lukacsko

    Connor Lust

    Madison Luthy

    Brooke Lutterbaugh

    Alexandra Lyncha

  3. M-R

    Makayla Maas

    Joseph Macchetta

    John MacDonald

    Colton Mace

    John Madison

    Ellen Madison

    Gillian Maffit

    Fatima Magana Meza

    Axel Magarrell

    Julia Magliocca

    Hayley Maher

    Nicholas Maione

    Matthew Malcomson

    Ana Malinowski

    Allysa Malone

    Keeley Malone

    Noah Mangan

    Eric Mangus

    Derek Manos

    Tessa Manson

    Skyelar Mantz

    Athena Mariano

    Jonah Mariscal

    Rachel Markle

    Emily Maroni

    Jared Marsh

    Alicia Marshall

    Bailey Martin

    Montana Martin

    Natalie Martin

    Samantha Martin

    Grant Martin

    William Martin

    Olivia Martin

    Ki'Errah Martin

    Wrentie Martin

    William Martin III

    Keila Martinez

    Samuel Martinjako

    Ariana Marva

    Sarah Mason

    Lindsay Massalsky

    David Massey

    Alexa Matejka

    Maleah Matey

    Cassandra Mathieu

    Sam Matonis

    Stephanie Mattern

    Robert Matthews

    Gabriella Matvey

    Skylar Mauge

    Austin Maurer

    Brandon Maxwell

    Morgen Maxwell

    Killian May

    Samantha May

    Alexis Mayle

    Corenna Maynard

    Brandon Mazzei

    Kayla McAdams

    Matthew McBride

    Jonah McCartney

    Mason McCarty

    Brittany McCauley

    Connor McCauley

    Brook McClay

    Connor McClellan

    Sky McCloskey

    Ethan McComb

    Tess McConkey

    Jamon McCort

    Madeline McCrackin

    Abigail McElroy

    Karly McFarland

    Aidan McFerren

    Logan McGee

    Cianni McGhee

    Molly McGinnis

    Kayla McGuigan

    Bridget McGuire

    Seamus McIlwee

    Michael McIntyre

    Rachel McKim

    Olivia McLean

    Andrew McMillen

    Mason McMillen

    Adam McMillen

    Michael McPhee

    Kailyn McQueen

    Carli McQuilkin

    Sydni McQuilkin

    Allison McSherry

    Jacinta McWain

    Cassie Mead

    Miranda Meadows

    Sarah Meech

    Michael Meehan

    Kiersten Meeker

    Ryan Meister

    Daniel Mescher

    Emily Messina

    Abigail Metz

    Andrea Michelena Herranz

    Hunter Miday

    Vitico Mieses

    Ronald Milam

    Mitchell Milem

    Madison Miles

    Abigail Miller

    Christian Miller

    Emily Miller

    Hailey Miller

    Joselyn Miller

    Dylan Miller

    Hunter Miller

    Nicholas Miller

    Stefanie Miller

    Kassity Miller

    Aleya Mims

    Jordan Minns

    Zachary Minor

    ChesseMei Misja

    Antonella Mitchell

    Carlee Mitchell

    Maddie Mitchell

    Malina Mitchell

    Taylor Mitchell

    Hannah Mitchell

    David Mitchell

    Marcellous Mitchell IV

    Hannah Miterko

    Alysha Mitzel

    Caitlyn Mitzel

    Jacob Mix

    Jaliyah Mixon

    Austin Mobley

    Joshua Momeyer

    Thu Zar Mon

    Jacob Monigold

    Catherine Monroe

    KyHeim Montford

    Samuel Montgomery

    Andrew Mook

    Ryan Moomaw

    Andrew Moore

    Gabrielle Moore

    Kyle Moore

    Sarah Moore

    Olivia Morey

    Taylor Morgan

    Jordan Morlani

    Brandon Morris

    Madison Morris

    Bryce Morris

    Denver Morris

    Donovan Morris

    Rose Morrison

    Peyton Morrison

    Emma Morrow

    Cameron Moteleski

    Christopher Motter

    Molly Muckleroy

    Joseph Muckley

    Domenic Mularo

    Alexander Mulvin

    Farrel Murphy

    Harlie Murphy

    Kaitlyn Murphy

    Kayla Muslovski

    Audrey Myers

    Preston Myers

    Hannah Myers

    Karis Nagel

    Adam Nagy

    Emily Nannarone

    Harouna Ndongo

    Malcolm Neitenbach

    Cassidy Nelder

    Gary Newman

    Shayauna Newsom

    Darrell Newsom Jr.

    Carla Nicoletti

    Derek Nieman

    Haroldo Nieves

    Masashi Nishiguchi

    Allyson Nittoli

    Nathan Noles

    Camryn Nouza

    Emily Novak

    James Novinc

    Samuel Nucerino

    Jacob Nunamaker

    Elizabeth Nutter

    Devon O'Brien

    Margaret O'Donnell

    Mitchell O'Hara

    Destanee O'Neil

    Alicia O'Neill

    Sarah Oakes

    Garrett Obourn

    Nathan Obourn

    Elijah Obrist

    Gabriel Obrist

    Abigail Ogonek

    Samuel Olin-Hitt

    Emma Ollis

    Nathan Oriani

    Joseph Origlio

    Taylor Orlando

    Samantha Orlosky

    Alexis Orzo

    Aeriana Ostich

    Eric Ostrowski

    Jalyn Oswald

    Maggie Oswald

    Austin Overy

    Cole Ovian

    Jonathon Owen

    Natalie Owens

    Matthew Owrey

    Abigail Oyster

    Abigail Padar

    Cassidy Page

    Carrigan Pahanish

    Christopher Painter

    Isabel Palamone

    Joshua Palmer

    Joseph Palmquist

    Amanda Panfil

    John Papesh

    David Pappas

    DeAndre Parker

    Sydney Parker

    Anthony Parker

    Christian Parker

    Andrew Parrine

    Alexandra Pasco

    Kaitlyn Pasko

    Adam Passino

    Adam Pastor

    Akul Patel

    Alexandria Patrone

    Brandon Patterson

    David Patton

    Brent Paulus II

    Joseph Pawlowski

    Marlee Peck

    Allyson Pedone

    Malik Peloso

    Lawyer Penird

    Jake Penko

    Chris Pennell

    Mackenzie Pensyl

    Hailey Peoples-Oneil

    Madison Pepper

    Jared Perez

    Angel Perez

    Zachary Perrico

    Nicholas Perrott

    Julia Persinger

    Quentin Peters

    Grace Peterson

    Molly Peterson

    Alana Petracci

    Jacob Petrella

    Kassie Petrick

    Rhiannon Petrisko

    Adrian Petrisko

    Amy Pfiester

    Emily Phillips

    Lauren Phillips

    Thomas Piccirillo

    Madison Pidgeon

    Brady Pierce

    Christopher Pietryk

    Nathaniel Pimpas

    Xavier Pinaya

    Timothy Pinter

    Michael Piotrowski

    Jessica Pisoni

    Mason Plant

    Kadie Platt

    Braxton Plunk

    Lisa Pogozelski

    Naomi Pokrzywa

    Andrew Polen

    Maya Polen

    Rita Pollock

    Julia Polyak

    Evan Pomeraning

    Kylie Pontius

    Braedon Poole

    Steele Porter

    Charlene Porter

    Danielle Porter

    Job Positano

    Brianna Potts

    Brandon Poundstone

    Brooke Powell

    Kirsten Powell

    Molly Powers

    Olivia Powers

    Carlie Pratt

    Beverly Prendergast

    Emily Prestage

    Nicholas Presutto

    Brennan Price

    Madison Priestap

    Hunter Probert

    Kennedy Prochak

    Alaina Provo

    Andrew Pucci

    Mason Pugh

    Collin Quattro

    Josef Raffin

    Kaylin Raffle

    Alyssa Ragozzino

    Tucker Ramirez

    Olivia Ramsey

    Gianna Ranallo

    Robert Ranallo

    Skylar Randall

    Marcos Rangel-Chavez

    Zachary Rankin

    Brandon Ransom

    Brianna Rapp

    Elena Rauhe

    Nicole Rawson

    Justin Rayner

    John Razzante

    Megan Rea

    Rachel Reese

    Jessica Reese

    Andrew Reeve

    Brian Regovich

    Brady Reichart

    Charlotte Reigle

    Megan Reihl

    Kyle Reihner

    Gregory Reiman

    Paxton Reisinger

    Joshua Repetti

    Taylor Rericha

    Avery Retone

    Abigail Rhoades

    Rachel Ricchiuto

    Olivia Ricciutti

    Jarret Richard

    Rachel Richenberg

    Kaleigh Richmond

    Jayvon Riddle

    Victoria Rieger

    Maximilian Righetti

    Morgan Riley

    EvaEnid Rivera

    Jessica Roberts

    Halle Robinson

    Miranda Roch

    Quentin Rock

    Adrianna Rogers

    Cortaise Rogers

    Lauren Rogers

    Danielle Rohrman

    John Roland

    Talia Romeo

    Elizabeth Romigh

    Ryan Romigh

    Lauren Roncone

    Quinn Rooze

    Emma Rose

    Jordan Rosedale

    Nathaniel Ross

    Jacob Roth

    James Roth

    Savanna Rowe

    Riley Rowles

    Sabryna Roy

    Shiming Ruan

    David Rucker

    Lucas Ruegg

    Landis Rumble

    Alyson Rundell

    Meara Rundle

    Payton Runser

    Connor Ruscio

    Robert Rush

    Valerie Russell

    Adriana Russell

    Rylee Russo

    Cole Rutledge

    Trevor Ryan

    Marcus Ryder

  4. S-Z

    Gracyn Sage

    Aaron Salas-Castro

    Macy Salem

    Hannah Saling

    Maria Sams

    Timothy Sams

    Madison Sams

    Liam Sams

    Brooke Sams

    Lauren Samsa

    Aiden Samuel

    Leonel Sanchez Torres

    Ryan Sanderbeck

    Kennedy Sanders

    Mallory Sanders

    Tyrell Sanders

    Jacob Sanford

    Dustin Sanor

    Tara Santoro

    Ryan Sarkisian

    Jeremy Sassano

    Annabelle Saultz

    Alexandra Sauter

    Gabriella Scalise

    Emily Schaar

    Colin Schaly

    Tiffany Schaumberg

    Brandon Scheetz

    Brett Scheib

    Joshua Schibley

    Isabel Schiedenhelm

    Autumn Schiemer

    Yvena Schleig

    Madison Schmid

    Cameron Schmid

    Frank Schmidt

    Remington Schneider

    Carleah Schnell

    Grace Schneller

    Elizabeth Schoeppner

    Michael Schoeppner

    Alexis Schrader

    Peyton Schrader

    Jonathan Schroeder

    Benjamin Schroth

    Danielle Schubert

    Kyle Schucker

    Alexis Schuler

    Alexis Schuller

    Jared Schulte

    Hannah Schulz

    Collin Schumm

    Emily Schutt

    Jennifer Schweiger

    Marissa Scobee

    Riley Scofield

    Sydney Scotford

    Marissa Scott

    Skylar Scott

    Madison Scott

    Anthony Scurry

    Elianna Seaman

    Rebekah Seamans

    Kylie Sees

    Brisa Seibert

    Emelia Seibert

    Matthew Sendrey

    Sydney Sereychas

    Madison Serrano

    Sara Severns

    Ian Sexton

    Hanna Shakhtra

    Cora Shane

    Ryan Shaner

    Ryan Shank

    Emily Shar

    Tyler Sharp

    Casey Shedd

    Jacob Shedd

    Mallory Shellenberger

    Meghan Sheneman

    Adrian Sherer

    Lilah Shernit

    Cordell Shetler

    Michael Shields

    Ryan Shinko

    Annastasia Shipman

    Andrew Shockling

    Noah Shriver

    Sydnee Shumaker

    Leah Shutts

    Sarah Sidoti

    Hannah Sierra

    Cassandra SierraValle

    Mark Silver

    Lauren Simmons

    Jordan Simpson

    Juwan Simpson

    Drew Sims

    Trevon Sims

    Kayla Sitler

    Valerie Sitler

    Luke Skivolocke

    Lauren Skulina

    Tanner Slack

    Kaitlyn Slezak

    Aleana Smiley

    Hunter Smith

    Ian Smith

    Jenna Smith

    Maeve Smith

    Ava Smith

    Ryan Smith

    Alexis Smith

    Jordan Smith

    Darrien Smith

    Dawson Smith

    Emma Smith

    Harley Smith

    Erin Smith

    Kaitlyn Smith

    Allison Smrdel

    Courtney Snyder

    Dalton Snyder

    Heath Snyder

    Corey Snyder

    Demmi Snyder

    Ryley Snyder

    Samuel Snyder

    Amy Soulier

    Rebecca Spangler

    Kyle Spencer

    Charmea Spencer

    Aidan Spinola

    Abbey Spisz

    Leah Springer

    Isabella Sprunger

    Jacqueline Srp

    Abigail Stack

    Allison Staggers

    Lauren Stajcar

    Emma Staley

    Jordan Stancovich

    Jacob Standish

    Mariah Stanish

    Marina Stanson

    Sarah Stanton

    Aerien Starkey

    Martina Starkey

    John Staron

    Alexis Starr

    Sydney Starr

    Coleman Stauffer

    Kassie Steed

    Sarah Stefancin

    Andrew Steffens

    Isabella Stein

    Benjamin Steiner

    Caleb Stempowski

    Carly Stepic

    Walter Sterling

    Erilynn Stevens

    Seth Stevens

    Noah Stewart

    Jayla Stewart

    Tyler Stitzel

    Sabrina Stocker

    Morgan Stoldt

    Stephen Stott

    Marisa Stover

    Brin Stralka

    Jalen Stredrick

    Gabrielle Street

    Hailey Street

    Joseph Strobelt

    Tiayerra Stroncek

    Kyler Strotz

    Caitlin Stuart

    Justin Sturgill

    Jacklyn Sullivan

    Riley Sullivan

    Elisa Summanen

    Madison Summers

    Ryan Summers

    Eric Summers

    Payton Sutcliffe

    Juliana Sutliff

    Jada Sutton

    Lily Sweeney

    Katie Sweitzer

    Emily Swisher

    Emilly Swonger

    Marissa Swonger

    Kaitlyn Sybert

    Ahthesham Ali Syed

    Tyler Syrek

    Sydney Taggart

    Landon Talbert

    Krissy Tarter

    Kassandra Tassie

    Randy Tawiah

    Brent Taylor

    Jordan Teaford

    Nathaniel Teall

    Alexis Temple

    Michaelina Terranova

    Aaron Tharp Jr.

    Mackenzie Thomas

    Mollie Thomas

    Sara Thomas

    Emma Thombs

    Lydia Thombs

    Destinee Thompson

    Stephen Thompson

    Emma Thornton

    Samuel Tillett

    Nash Timko

    Bethany Tober

    Jonathon Todd

    Alyssa Tohm

    Brooke Toman

    Gage Tomko

    Jason Tondra

    David Toot

    Skyler Tortorea

    Zachary Traynor

    Benjamin Trenka

    Connor Troyer

    Shiori Tsutsui

    Mackenzie Tubaugh

    Isiah Turick

    Kaela Turle

    Sarah Turley

    Allyson Tweedy

    Caitlin Tytler

    Richard Ulam

    Michele Umbaugh

    Sarena Underwood

    Emily Ungrady

    Christa Ursino

    Alexa Vaccaro

    Helena Vadino

    Jesse Vail

    John Valentine

    Jacob VanDerkar

    Abigail VanHorssen

    Cole VanNatta

    Jarrett Varner

    Adrian Vasu

    Cristian Vasu

    Michaela Velichka

    Tyler Venti

    Alexander Ventura

    Gianini Venuto

    Cullen Vereb

    Samantha Vetrick

    Isaac Vik

    Michael Vilsack

    Hunter Vink

    James Visintine

    Angela Vitantonio

    Jordyn Vlock

    Hannah Vodicka

    Cameron Volz

    Michael Vondran

    Lydia Wacker

    Colton Wade

    Allison Waggoner

    Madalyn Waggoner

    Eva Wagner

    Jonathon Wahlie

    Nathaniel Wainwright

    Michael Waitlevertch

    Brenna Walker

    Marcus Walker

    Robert Walker

    Micah Walker

    Ro'Heen Walton

    Davis Ward

    Nicholas Wardrop

    Alli Warne

    Hannah Wasylko

    Logan Watson

    Thomas Watson

    Isaiah Watson-Kirksey

    Kenadee Wayt

    Trey Weaver

    Zachary Weaver

    Matthew Weaver

    Ashley Weaver

    John Webb

    Mackenzie Weber

    Gregory Weber

    Joel Weeman

    Luke Weingart

    Matthew Weingart

    Conrad Weisner

    Jacob Welch

    Jermaine Wells

    Breanne Welsh

    Connor Welsh

    Hannah Welsh

    Avery Wengerter

    Madison Wentz

    Megan Wertz

    Amanda Wesely

    David West

    Ryan Westrick

    Owen Whaley

    Zachary Wheeler

    Olivia Whitacre

    Sarah White

    Corey White

    Shyanna White

    Jack White

    Emma Whitsel

    Rylan Wikle

    Elizabeth Wilden

    Mackenzie Wiley

    Julianna Wilk

    Madison Wilke

    John Willett

    Erica Williams

    Lillian Williams

    Madelyn Williams

    Nathan Williams

    Maxwell Williams

    Terra Williams

    Kara Williams

    Ali Williams

    Xavier Williams

    Jameel Williams

    Richard Williams

    Tyler Williams

    Lucas Willink

    Katharine D. Wilson

    Katherine E. Wilson

    Logan Wilson

    Anna Wilson

    Katharine D. Wilson

    Katherine E. Wilson

    Alyssa Wilson

    Claudia Wilson

    Paige Wilson

    Andria Wilson Redfearn

    Kailey Windsor

    Stacy Witschey

    Andrew Witte

    Teresa Woerther

    William Wolford

    Olivia Wolfram

    Joshua Woodfork

    Mitchell Woodhall

    Nicholas Wright

    Molly Wright

    Jesse Wright

    Dylan Wujcik

    Benjamin Wykoff

    Megan Yankulov

    Jakob Yarosh

    Bradley Yates

    Maya Yockey

    Joshua Yoder

    Nicole Yoho

    Jared Young

    Krystine Young

    Thomas Yuras

    Hunter Yusko

    Olivia Zackary

    Lauren Zaleski

    Madison Zaleski

    Logan Zaleski

    Dominic Zappa

    Jacob Zappitelli

    Benjamin Zbasnik

    Daniel Zelina

    Amber Zheng

    Alayna Ziegler

    Anthony Zigman

    Mitchell Zimmerman

    Jakub Zimnoch

    Megan Zody

    Elisa Zumack

    Anna Zumbar

    Hannah Zuppe

    Katlyn Zurbrugg

    Mark Zusman