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Spiritual Life Organizations

Included below are the names and contact information for the student organization opportunities on campus to check out throughout the first weeks of classes. To email the president or campus advisor, simply type the last name, first name of the individual into the “To” bar of the university’s email system, and click on “check names” to populate.

Spiritual Life Organizations

  1. Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru.)

    Jacob Beavon, leader

    Instagram: mountunioncru | Twitter: @mountunioncru

    Dr. Scott Mason, campus advisor

    Cru's purpose is to connect students with one another as part of a larger community that follows Jesus. Cru is open to all students regardless of their faith background, and all students are always welcome to attend.

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  2. The Edge Bible Study | 📹

    Dirk Kaufman, leader

    Dr. Ken Weber, campus advisor

    The Edge Bible Study provides opportunities for students to seek and enjoy the presence of God together. We worship, get into God's Word, and talk about what it means to truly follow Him! We also have fun, build meaningful friendships, and offer discipleship. If you are looking for a place to connect with God and grow in your faith, come check out The Edge!

    The Edge Welcome Video

  3. Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) | 📹

    Davis Ward, president

    Instagram: umu_fca

    Dr. Robert Woodward, campus advisor

    The purpose of this organization is to present to student-athletes and coaches and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

    FCA Welcome Video

  4. For the Love of Christ, the King (FLOCK)

    John Frazier, campus advisor

    FLOCK is an organization that fosters fellowship and Christian ideals amongst Catholic students and the campus community. This organization meets to plan campus masses and other activities, including prayer meetings and special speakers.

  5. OASIS Bible Study

    Lindsey Moomaw, president

    Dr. Elizabeth Bandy, campus advisor

    Oasis is a spiritual life group that provides students with opportunities for service and fellowship. Oasis is also a safe environment for open discussion on topics such as spirituality, theology, and values. All are welcome to refresh, relate, and renew.

  6. Spiritual Life Leadership

    Dana Lucas, president

    Stephen Dages, campus advisor

    This council is the programming and communication board of the religious and spiritual life groups on campus. Spiritual Life Leadership sponsors an annual Christian music concert, coordinates activities for new students, participates in the annual Spiritual Life Fair, and offers mutual support of all spiritual and religious activities on campus.

  7. Student Interfaith Alliance

    Natalie Engle, president

    Dr. Susan Haddox, campus advisor

    Student Interfaith Alliance seeks to promote interfaith dialogue at the University to bridge gaps between the various faith traditions and between theists and atheists. Student Interfaith Alliance also works to create brave and safe spaces that enable open communications and learning environments, seeking to break down perceived barriers between individuals.