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Cassie Hooper '26

Nursing major

I love the small class sizes because we are all a big family!


B.S. Nursing


Medina, Ohio

Other Interest

Trustee Scholarship recipient

Why Nursing?

I’ve always loved the medical field and I wanted a job that was hands on and impacted patients directly. I decided on nursing my sophomore year of high school and I loved it ever since.  I would love to be a NICU nurse and eventually get my masters degree and be a neonatal nurse practitioner. Faculty at Mount Union like Dr. Allen are preparing me to go into the nursing field confident. As my advisor, Dr. Allen always encourages me and celebrates my accomplishments. She is so passionate about nursing and is willing to help all students reach their goals.

Experiental Learning

Being a Purple Raider has helped me get my nursing assistant job at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in the NICU. Even without much experience Mount Union made me feel prepared to step into the field and begin working in the hospital. Hospitals know Mount Union has an exceptional nursing program and landing this job is helping me become a better nurse by allowing me to connect in-class concepts with real-world situations.

Advice for Prospective Students

To those students looking at furthering their education, I'd tell them to be open-minded; explore different college campuses. I thought I knew the school I had chosen was the right one, but when I visited Mount, I fell in love. I found out about UMU when I looked for direct-entry nursing programs online, I toured it, and knew this was my place!