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Cenell Munford-Clark
Cenell Munford-Clark

Cenell Boch ‘93

Athletic Trainer, Entrepreneur

One thing that was most unique at Mount Union was that you developed closer friendships and bonds with other students and faculty members. Those bonds have been 20-plus years in the making now.


B.S. Sports Medicine


Hometown: Canton, Ohio (Timken)

Current: Bremen, Ohio

I am president of a nonprofit organization which provides health and wellness resources to the community to improve physical and mental well-being. I own of clinical practice which provides muscle and pain treatments. I'm the author of a self-published book, "Living with Double DDs: Surviving Depression and Divorce" which provides a personal story about my resilience, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing dreams despite uncertainty.

Why Mount Union

I chose Mount Union for its small and beautiful campus and close intimate atmosphere. The faculty and staff were also very approachable.

Continuing Education

Mount Union prepared me to go on to complete a M.S. Degree in Exercise Physiology, work on PhD in Exercise Science and Public Health and currently completing PhD in Health Sciences through Rocky Mountain University for Health Professions.

Staying Connected

I enjoy receiving the Alumni Magazine in the mail and I still interact with college friends/alumni and give annually to the alumni office fundraisers.

Hands-On Experience

Lots of hands-on experiences helped prepare me for me current career. Taking on leadership roles in extracurricular activities gave me the confidence to step up into leadership positions throughout my career. I was also awarded the MLK Jr. Award in 1993 at Mount Union (wow - a long time ago now.)

Favorite Part of My Job

As a health professional and college educator, I enjoy helping my clients progress with their healing process as well as enjoy facilitating the learning process for my students.