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Christal Schumacher
Christal Schumacher

Christal Schumacher '19

Exercise Science Major

No matter where you are in Alliance or on campus everyone is wearing Raider gear so proudly.


Exercise Science


Cleveland, Ohio

Minor: Biology

Why Mount Union

I heard about Mount Union through a college fair at my high school. After a tour, I immediately feel in love with how small the school was and I felt so at home here.

Close Relationships

I love how small the campus is and how close the relationships are that I have made with other students, but especially my professors. Knowing that there will always be someone I can talk to if I am havening a bad day or need help and never feeling like I am alone is a great feeling.

The Mount Union Difference

The spirit and sense of community sets Mount apart from other colleges. No matter where you are in Alliance or on campus everyone is wearing Raider gear so proudly. When you walk around Walmart and people see that you are at Mount they will always stop and talk and it is the most amazing feeling to be a part of the pride that Mount Union has created. 

Why Exercise Science

I chose Exercise Science because I love learning about how the body works, but also love exercising. It is extremely intriguing to me to learn how the muscles and body works when exercising, as well as the other broad topics that the major covers like the neurological and nutritional interactions within the body.

Favorite Professor

My favorite professor has been professor Scanlon. She has influenced me by showing me the importance of always trying your best to be involved and getting yourself out there in your major. She has also shown me that even though the ride to further your education may be rough, it will be worth it in the end. 

Integrative Core

It will give me a better range of knowledge and abilities by being able to tie multiple different classes and information together to help reach answers or goal in my profession. It is important as a physical therapist to explain the knowledge and information behind what exercises and stretches need to be done to enhance usage and mobility of a region of the body, however it is just as important to understand the pain and suffering the patient is in and how to speak to them based on the pain. 

Future Physical Therapist

My ultimate career goal is to become a physical therapist. Mount Union is preparing me for this by giving me the utensils and information I need to know to be well informed, as well as has opened the doors to many opportunities to help me get myself a name in the physical therapy world. Through Mount Union, I have had the ability to get close with the PT graduate students and faculty at Mount, as well as had help getting shadowing hours and volunteer work in a hospitals and physical therapy facilities through my advisors and professors.