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Save the Date for Commencement
Saturday, May 16, 2020

Dear Graduates,

The Office of Alumni Engagement is excited to share a heartfelt “congratulations” on completing your degree at the University of Mount Union! We’d like to welcome you to our alumni community of over 18,000!

Throughout the upcoming semester, we will send you correspondence via email in preparation for Commencement on May 16, 2020 and other related gatherings. Please open these messages and read them thoroughly.

If you are unable to attend any of the mandatory events listed, YOU are responsible to contact offices on your own for clearance to walk at graduation.

The Office of Alumni Engagement is here to answer any and all questions that you may have – so please reach out if you need anything!

We look forward to celebrating with you on May 16!

The Office of Alumni Engagement

  1. Live Stream

    The University of Mount Union is pleased to announce that it will once again live stream the institution’s 174th Commencement, which will take place Saturday, May 16, 2020.  An email with the live stream access link will be sent out just ahead of graduation and you may share that link and/or email with other individuals who may be unable to attend the ceremony.

  2. Handicap Accessability

    The McPherson Academic and Athletic Complex facilities are handicap accessible. On the day of the event, there will be an area clearly marked for handicap parking and security will be directing traffic. It is also possible to pull up close to the area for drop off to the Peterson Field House. Shuttles and golf carts will be available throughout campus to assist guests as well.

  3. Hometown Newspaper Releases

    Following Commencement, the Office of Marketing will send out news releases announcing each student’s accomplishment of graduating from the University of Mount Union. The news releases will be sent via Merit, a system that sends releases quickly and efficiently to students’ newspapers based on their geographic location (zip code).

    Students will be copied via email (Mount Union email address) on this news release. And, he or she can easily share it on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Please note that the Office of Marketing will send out a hometown news releases for each student (unless the student has chosen to decline this publicity effort), but that does not guarantee that the newspapers will print the releases. All material is printed at the discretion of the newspapers.

  4. Graduating in Absentia

    We hope that each senior eligible for graduation will participate in the day's events. However, we realize that there are circumstances that prevent some of our graduates from participating. If you cannot attend the ceremony, we will mail your diploma to the address listed in Self-Service.

  5. Honors Recognitions

    Students are recognized at graduation for superior academic achievement. Latin Honors recognition is signified by "honors cords" added to their academic regalia; honors cords are distributed by the Office of the University Registrar during the mandatory Commencement Rehearsal the Friday before Commencement.

     The following Latin Honors are based upon the grade point average achieved during the full college career at Mount Union. Grade point averages are based upon a 4.0 scale. Students achieving a grade point average of 3.899 or better are awarded their degrees summa cum laude signified by the gold honors cord, students achieving a grade point average of 3.750 to 3.899 are awarded their degrees magna cum laude signified by the silver honors cord, and students achieving a grade point average of 3.550 to 3.749 are awarded their degrees cum laude signified by the white honors cord.

    In addition, honors recognition is granted to students who show superior achievement in special honors programs. Students graduating with Honors in the Major will receive a red honors cord; students graduating with University Honors will receive a purple honors cord.

  6. Honors Insignia

    The University has a policy that allows members of certain honor societies to wear insignia at Commencement. If you are a member of an honor society but are unsure as to whether this applies to you, please contact the faculty advisor of your organization.

    If you know that your organization qualifies, and you plan to wear your society's insignia, please note the following restrictions:

    • Cords, pins, ribbons, sashes, stoles, and medallions from approved honor societies, except those noted below, are acceptable.
    • The following are unacceptable: Single color cords in the same colors as University of Mount Union’s Honors (Latin honors cords are gold, silver, and white. Honors in a major are red. Honors in liberal arts are purple) and sashes, cords, pins, or other embellishments that are not from approved honor societies.
  7. "Walking" at Commencement

    Students who are expected to graduate during a calendar year, regardless of conferral date, may participate in the commencement ceremony in May of that calendar year. For example, students expected to graduate in May, August, or December of a calendar year, not academic year may participate in the May commencement of that calendar year. Students expected to graduate in December will have the option to participate in the current commencement year or the subsequent commencement year to align with their original “cohort.”

    Students who participate in the May commencement ceremony as “walkers” will not graduate until their actual conferral date. During the period of time between completion of all requirements and the date the degree is awarded, students may request a Certificate of Completion to accompany a transcript.

    In order to participate in any commencement ceremony, students must complete an application for graduation submitted to the University Registrar by the deadline set forth by the Office of the University Registrar. Students who do not complete an application for graduation may not be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony. Students must be considered as Senior standing to be eligible to participate. The University of Mount Union defines Senior standing as having earned 90 or more credit hours toward the 128-credit hour graduation requirement. A student may only participate in one commencement ceremony.

    Please note: Latin Honors designations will not be listed in the Commencement program.