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Destinee Thompson
Destinee Thompson

Destinee Thompson '20

English Major

I am confident that, wherever I end up, Mount has prepared me with the critical thinking and written and oral communication skills to succeed.




Cleveland, Ohio

Minors: Writing and Psychology 

Why Mount Union?

A major reason I chose Mount was because it was the most affordable option in terms of my college vision for myself. I knew I wanted a full college experience. Living on campus and being relatively far from home was important to me. Overall, Mount allowed me to do this. I also received the Founder’s Scholarship and the Minority Achievement Award, and these scholarships offered a boost in making college a little bit more affordable for me. 

Adjusting to College Life

My friend from high school really helped me adjust to college. She showed me the ropes and answered any questions I needed. My Preview Guides and Raider Guide also helped. They showed me how to maintain true to myself even during such a huge transition. I know to this day that I can rely on them if I ever need help with an issue. 

A Love for Writing

I have always loved reading, and I showed interest in writing from a young age. It was a no-brainer that I'd end up majoring in English. I have two favorite classes that I've taken so far. The first is Intro to Creative Writing. I took this class spring semester of my freshman year. As a person who wants to go into creative writing as a career, I found this class helpful in teaching me multiple literary devices to improve my writing. Through this class I learned that I love poetry when I didn't even think of myself as a poet. The second class I loved was Literature to Film, which I took fall semester of my sophomore year. Through this class I learned what makes a novel a successful film adaptation. As a final project I was able to create my own film adaptation which was a task I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Unexpected Interests

To complete my Integrative Core requirement for social science, I took an introductory psychology class. Psychology has fascinated me since high school, but I never expected it to intrigue me so much. Once I completed my introductory course, I found myself wanting to take more psych classes. I figured I only needed to take three additional classes for the minor, so why not double minor in writing and psych? I believe understanding aspects of psychology can enhance analysis of literature. It adds a sense of background information when discussing certain authors' works as well as further research into the psyche of the characters they create. 

A Unique Education

A liberal arts education allows you to view the world from multiple angles. It gives you an open mind and helps generate new ideas for a progressing world. I believe a liberal arts education creates a sort of openness that the professional world needs: innovative, creative, critical thinkers. The Integrative Core is phenomenal in shaping strong oral and written communication skills, which is what professional companies look for in a candidate. The Integrative Core has definitely helped me overcome a lot of my nerves when delivering oral presentations, as well as strengthening my writing. I am at that point in my college career where I am shaky about my future, but my career goal for myself is to do some kind of writing. Whether that is freelance, journalism, script writing, or writing novels I am not entirely clear on. With that being said, I am confident that wherever I end up, Mount has prepared me with the critical thinking and the written and oral communication skills needed to succeed.