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Elaine Anderson Performing Arts Department
Elaine Anderson Performing Arts Department

Dr. Elaine Anderson

Director of String Studies

The Mount Union experience lets people thrive and bloom in ways they often had never imagined before attending.


B.M., Public School Strings, Concordia College
M.M., Cello Performance, Manhattan School of Music
D.M.A., Cello Performance and Pedagogy, University of Alabama

Music as a Career

The field of music always includes new beauty and new challenges. There is always something interesting happening and a new perspective to bring to our audiences and classes. I was lucky to have terrific music teachers in school and was committed from an early age to pursue the beauty and the challenge of a career in music. There is nothing more beautiful and expressive than music, and the cello is a wonderful instrument that touches many people deeply.

Challenging Myself

Having earned music performance degrees at both a large University and also one of the biggest music conservatories in the U.S., I was ready to return to my roots at a small, private liberal arts college. Here at Mount Union, I am challenged to do many things well and do not shy away from having a wide and deep experience in my career. I can see this in my students as they go to take on the world at graduation!

Curriculum Research

When programming, I try to think of my audience and players that I will be working with. What do people need to hear right now? What would help my audience? What do my students need to spend time playing together right now? What shared experience can I give people so that they have a really positive experience with music? And in the classroom, what can I say that will make this come alive for my students? Is there something fun here? How can we all gain what we need from this class so that we can make our music better through our advanced understanding?


The Mount Union experience lets people thrive and bloom in ways they often had never imagined before attending. We offer opportunities for students to become key members of many ensembles and other organizations. Music majors collaborate with people in other majors, and this builds deep connections and understanding that we all need to thrive.

Many Opportunities

Our string students can participate in both a chamber orchestra and a full symphony orchestra. Historically, composers put great effort into composing for orchestra because of the size of the ensemble and what it can say with every tone color imaginable. We give students this opportunity to play in two orchestras at Mount Union: the Repertory Strings Chamber Orchestra and the Alliance Symphony Orchestra.

Mount Union Favorites

I have many favorite parts of my job. I have THE BEST students in my classes. They are wonderful people. The skills and love for the topic that many of the students have make me excited to be their teacher. Also, my faculty colleagues are inspiring, great people to know. They bring out the best in our students. It is a special atmosphere here at the University of Mount Union in the Performing Arts.