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Dr. Sherly Holt Mount Union Physical Therapy
Dr. Sherly Holt Mount Union Physical Therapy

Dr. Sheryl Holt

Associate Professor and Chair, Physical Therapy Program

Mount Union has renewed my faith in the two way creative potential between who we are today and who we can be tomorrow.


Ph.D., Rehabilitation Science, University of Kentucky
M.S., Pediatric Allied Health Science, The Ohio State University
B.S., Physical Therapy, Georgia State University

Favorite Part About PT

Finding new and deeper knowledge between what you begin to learn and then never stop learning, reveling in the space between head, heart, and hands. The dance between being a learner and teacher, the transformation in the quest of living life as the greatest gift. Entering the PT profession is a pretty life changing choice with many institutions of tremendous merit to choose from. The uniqueness Mount offers is its ability, student by student, to fan essential learning and growing, to co-create possibilities and professional skill sets.


Mount Union Education

What appealed to me first was that Mount was not so long ago a developing program. Now we are a young program seeking to create a vision for now and the days ahead. Our curriculum is hybrid and its hypothesis that learning comes from digging and deducing has proven true. Passing the baton to our kind of students, watching them carry their passion into a profession I love with panache, is not only appealing, but rewarding. They are the next chapter of Physical Therapy and I know them by name.


A Unique Program

Our DPT program is unique because our program priorities really are every single member of every single cohort. We are small enough to be present to them and committed enough to make everyone's efforts matter. We interweave a strong basic science foundation with assessment based clinical sciences, using a hybrid teaching and learning approach that allows all types of learners to thrive. We have built state of the art classrooms thaat have 24-hour accessibility to ensure ours students' hands on learning of clinical applications is ready and road-worthy. We are building our research and service opportunities progressively to match the needs of our students, faculty, and community. We offer every student a chance to make their education personally relevant. We work tirelessly to create a rigorous program that stays welcoming and healthy. Transformative learning outcomes, are normative here.