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Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio

The Digital, Written and Oral Communication (DWOC) Studio is located in the Mount Union Library, across from the circulation desk. Its mission is to provide a space, technologies, and peer consultations to Mount Union students who are working on writing, oral presentations, and multimedia projects. Consultants provide help with critical thinking at the beginning stages of a project and with support through the writing, speaking, and production process. We can help with essays, reports, employment and graduate school documents, public speeches, PowerPoints, Prezis, videos, audio projects, ePortfolios, and with the WOC Portfolio required of all second year students as part of the Integrative Core.

DWOC Consultant Schedule Spring 2021

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Meet the Consultants

  1. Lindsey Collins

    I have always enjoyed helping my friends with their writing in my free time, so becoming a consultant at the DWOC sounded like the perfect opportunity to help even more people. Writing has always been one of my passions, and I can usually be found working in the library or reading with my stuffed Appa. I would love to help you with the formulation and creation of papers and also help with the in-depth analysis of complex literature. Outside of the DWOC I am a member of the swim team, Assistant Editor for Calliope, and I am Co-President and the PR chair for English Society. I look forward to helping you!

    Majors: English and Writing
    Minors: Coaching
    Year: Junior

  2. Bariah Coursin

    Hi there! My name is Bariah Coursin (pronounced: Buh-re-uh), and I am a junior here at Mount. I am studying for a major in Human Resource Management and a minor in Leadership. I am also involved with many things on campus such as being a sister in Delta Sigma Tau, a member of Mount’s Collegiate Leadership Competition team, and as a student worker for Mount’s Integrative Core office. My love for reading and writing has been quite prevalent in my life for as long as I can remember. To me, writing and reading were always a vessel for me to escape and see life in a more interesting way. Because of this, I’ve developed a passion for helping others to understand the complex world of language arts in hopes that every person I help will see life in a more interesting way. I’m so excited to work with you and assist you in any way that I can! 

    Major: Human Resource Management
    Minor: Leadership
    Year: Junior

  3. Allie Cox

    Hello! My name is Allie Cox, and I am a sophomore majoring in biochemistry. I am involved in the orchestra, where I play the violin, the Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, and serve as an Academic Affairs Chair on the Executive Board of Student Senate. I also serve as the Academic Achievement Director for the sorority Alpha Xi Delta. I have always enjoyed reading and writing, as well as helping others. I am looking forward to my first year as a DWOC Studio consultant!

    Major: Biochemistry
    Minor: Biology
    Year: Sophomore

  4. Madison Frank

    Hi my name is Maddy Frank! I am a junior double majoring in Exercise Science and Spanish. I aspire to go to graduate school someday for something in healthcare. Along with writing, I can help you with any of your lab report-related concerns. My enjoyment of and confidence in writing and speaking did not come until college. I understand how overwhelming it can be for some students that struggle with these types of assignments. I am excited to help you organize, improve, and gain confidence in your writing and speaking. I hope to see you soon!

    Majors: Exercise Science and Spanish
    Year: Junior

  5. Allie Hrovat

    I developed my love for writing and speaking, oddly, out of force; my mom would stress the importance of being able to professionally communicate. I wanted to join the DWOC so I could help others with their communications skills. I love helping with the writing process from brainstorming to final organizational touch-ups and have the most experience writing research-based papers. Here at Mount, I am in Active Minds, Peacebuilding Society, and APO. I also am a Peer Coach in Academic Support. I’m excited to work with you!

    Majors: Psychology and Sociology
    Minor: Peace Building and Social Justice 
    Year: Junior

  6. Natalie Kaufman

    Hi, I’m Natalie! I’m a junior Music Education major here at UMU! I enjoy writing, working with new people, and learning about topics outside of my major, which is why I decided to start working at the DWOC. Outside of the DWOC Studio, I can usually be found in Cope Music Hall participating in a variety of musical ensembles. During my (rather limited) free time, I’m usually reading, hiking in the woods, or drinking my ninetieth cup of coffee.  I look forward to working with you!

    Major: Music Education
    Year: Junior

  7. Molly McGinnis

    Despite the fact that I am a number-minded math major, I have a passion for reading. I admire the impact that well-strung together words can have. I know the pride that I feel when I finally piece together my ideas into an eloquent work of writing, and want to help others reach this same end goal! I enjoy putting together and preparing presentations to share my knowledge with others. I am looking forward to helping you comfortably deliver successful speeches too! On campus I am a member of the Women’s Lacrosse Team, the President of the Honors Council, and a member of the math honorary, Pi Mu Epsilon. I am so excited to get working with you!


    Major: Mathematics
    Minors: Database Management and Computer Science
    Year: Senior

  8. Camryn Nouza

    Hello! I am studying to become a guidance counselor, which means I love talking to and working with people. Because I am someone who used to strongly dislike writing papers and preparing presentations, I am not afraid to admit these tasks can be overwhelming at times. As I wrote and presented more in college, my love for both grew, so I am excited to share it with you. I am also excited to assist with citations, make you feel more confident with your work, be someone to bounce ideas off of, and everything in between. Outside of the DWOC, I am a member of the women’s soccer team.

    Major: Human Development and Family Science
    Minor: Early Childhood Education
    Year: Junior

  9. Iris O'Brien

    Once I entered high school, I began taking writing-intensive courses that sparked my love for peer review. When I’m not at the DWOC, I can be found singing in Cantus Femina or the Concert Choir, watching a movie with my roommates, or cooking. Even if all your presentation needs is more flair, do not hesitate to make an appointment with me. I also specialize in digital projects including video and audio editing. Anything from aesthetics to citations, I’m your consultant!

    Major: Integrated Media
    Minor: English
    Year: Junior

  10. Alexis Smith

    Hello! My name is Alexis, but most people on campus know me as Lexi. I am currently a sophomore double majoring in English and Writing with a minor in Spanish. On campus I am involved in our women’s chorus, Cantus Femina, and the Honors Program. Outside of school I play piano, love to kayak, read, write, and, most importantly, spend time with my dog, Lila. I have always had a passion for reading and writing, and I’m very excited to get the opportunity to work with all of you. I hope to see you guys soon! 

    Majors: English and Writing
    Minor: Spanish
    Year: Sophomore

  11. Sarah Stefancin

    With aspirations of becoming an author as a little kid, my interests in reading and writing go hand in hand. My writing focuses on both creative and research aspects. I believe it’s important to be excited about what you’re writing, so I’m not only here as a person to help formatting but also as someone to bounce ideas off of. Outside of schoolwork, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Calliope, Mount Union’s literary magazine. College is tough, so I’m here to help!

    Major: Writing
    Minor: Psychology
    Year: Senior

  12. Noah Stewart

    Hello, I’m Noah! I am currently a sophomore music major here at Mount Union. Piano is my primary instrument. If you walk through Cope Music Hall and hear somebody practicing piano, there’s a ninety percent chance it’s me! I also participate in the Purple Raider Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and Concert Band. For the Marching Band, I play mellophone. For the Wind Ensemble and Concert Band, I play French horn. In addition to these three ensembles, I’m a member of the music honors fraternity, Mu Phi Epsilon. I can’t wait to help you with your paper or presentation. Since I began taking college classes, I have become more comfortable writing and presenting. I hope I can help you become more comfortable with these assignments as well!

    Major: Music 
    Year: Sophomore 

  13. Elizabeth Wilden

    Hi, there! My name is Elizabeth, but most people at Mount Union call me Elle. Although I spend a lot of time at a local high school completing my preclinical practice for education, I’m also involved in groups on campus like Kappa Phi, Oasis, and Kappa Delta Pi. I am well on my way to becoming an English Language Arts teacher, so I am experienced in working with students to improve their communication skills in areas such as grammar, syntax, and citations. I look forward to helping you!

    Major: English
    Minor: Adolescence to Young Adult Education
    Year: Senior

  14. Anna Zumbar

    Hello! My name is Anna Zumbar, and I am a sophomore here at Mount Union. I am majoring in History and Spanish and minoring in German. On campus, I am involved in Alpha Xi Delta, Spiritual Life Leadership, Cantus Femina, FLOCK, the Honors Program, and HOLA. In addition, I play the flute in a woodwind trio. I have always enjoyed reading, writing, and learning useless trivia. I’m excited to answer any questions you may have and assist you in any part of the writing and presenting process!

    Majors: History and Spanish
    Minor: German
    Year: Sophomore