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Ellie Chaddock
Ellie Chaddock

Ellie Chaddock '19

Art Major

Mount Union is the perfect environment for me to learn and grow my skills.




Minerva, Ohio

Minor: Education

Choosing Mount Union

I loved the feel of the campus and the enthusiasm of Professor Margo Miller, plus my parents are alumni. The beauty of the campus is awesome, especially when I walk by the lakes on my way to Eells Art Center in the fall. I love the size of the campus and the feeling of family I get in my dorm and in the classrooms.

Adjusting to College

My terrific CE Jeanelle, my roommate Taylor, and all of my new friends in McMaster Hall. Also the friends I connected with in the art department and through Kappa Pi. If you're a prospective student, knowing where to go to college is an intimidating decision-- follow your heart.

Picking a Major

I have always loved art and my elementary, middle, and high school art teachers have inspired me with their fun creativity and love for learning and teaching.

New Interests

I loved my creative writing class with Professor Olin-Hitt. It gave me an appreciation for poetry, and how creative writing is an art form, and also gave me confidence in expressing myself through writing. I am currently taking Art Education 1. It is so exciting to me to plan for my future classroom while working on creative projects. I have had many great professors. One of my favorites is Martha Crookshank who teaches Art Education. She is full of positive energy, makes learning fun, and naturally draws out our creativity.

Educational Opportunities

A liberal arts education provides students with experiences that they might not have otherwise had. Being an art major, I never would have guessed I would find geology so fascinating or gain so much confidence through a creative writing class. The knowledge I have acquired through liberal arts will help me develop my teaching career in unexpected ways. The Integrative Core has exposed me to a variety of subjects and has given me valuable experience in writing and speaking that will have a lasting impact in my teaching profession and throughout my life.

Ultimate Goal

My goal is to spread my love of art and creativity to others with my teaching, in the hope of impacting them as my art teachers did with me. Mount Union is the perfect environment for me to learn and grow my skills.