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Erica Raby
Erica Raby

Erica Raby '04


There is a strong sense of pride for the university and it shows throughout the campus. It is always beautiful.


B.A. Art


Ashland, Ohio 

As an artist, I create mixed-media paintings and sculptural pieces from found-repurposed objects. Working with both methods allows me to explore forms that otherwise I don’t think I would discover. My work often appears to be very playful, “sweet” and naive, but also has a stronger meaning as it is a way for me to express the anxieties, absurdities and fragility I see in the world around me.

Mount Union

After visiting the campus, I liked the friendly and close-knit atmosphere I observed. There is a strong sense of pride for the university and it shows throughout the campus. It is always beautiful.

Impressionist Inspiration

Nancy Hart, my painting professor, was a favorite of mine. I remember her being very encouraging and introducing new types of art that I found to be inspiring as a young artist.

The First Job

While in graduate school, I held a job as a medical billing specialist.

Mount Union Friends

While at Mount Union, I met some of my friends in organizations and clubs like Alpha Phi Omega and the swim team.

Continuing Educational Goals

When I graduated from Mount Union, I pursued my Master of Fine Arts degree at Kent State University and graduated in 2009.

Staying Connected

I try to stay connected with my friends and Mount Union through Facebook and Instagram. I also enjoy visiting the campus when possible. Homecoming is always fun!

The Future

My goal is to continue to make art that I enjoy throughout my lifetime. Even if sometimes I won’t be able to work as an artist, I have the qualifications to work in other fields because of my Mount Union education. Recently, I’ve constructed a large-scale installation or sculpture in an area mall, taught art classes at Kent State University and other area colleges, was a visiting artist at an art center in Washington, D.C. and assisted with a project at the Akron Art Museum.

Satisfaction of Hard Work

As an artist, you face challenges. When you are making a piece you run into them. Also, it is hard to find the time to make art, to show art, and to find people who will appreciate it enough to buy it. I think that is what I like about it, though. It isn’t easy.