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Hannah Wingate
Hannah Wingate

Hannah Wingate '18

"The advice I would give to prospective students would be to make friends, get involved and try new things!”


Marketing/Human Resources


Hinckley, Ohio

Minor: Chinese

Campus Environment

I chose Mount Union because I loved the campus environment- I felt at home as soon as I stepped on campus. In fact, the thing that I still love most about Mount Union is that the campus is so student-friendly. Everyone at Mount Union is very welcoming to any new students.

Being Independent

I adjusted to college pretty well on my own and made friends quickly. But, I knew that if I needed help I could always go to my advisor, professors or other supportive offices on campuses. Honestly, I felt prepared for college and was ready to be more independent.

Welcoming Atmosphere and Supportive Friends

Mount Union is different from other universities because of the caring personalities of Mount staff and the welcoming atmosphere that is present from everyone on campus. In addition, Mount Union feels like my second home because of the friends I have made from over the past few years and the friends I’ll make in the future. They make me feel safe and it is great to know that I have them as resources for advice or help. 

Dream Job

My ultimate career goal is to have a successful job related to Marketing and Human Resources and to travel the world. I hope to pursue a career that I enjoy in a field where I can succeed as a business woman. Mount Union has been preparing me for life after graduation through the classes that are offered for my majors. The knowledge that I have gained through these classes will hopefully help me find an internship, and eventually, a job.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

During my freshmen year, I was a “Senior Overnight” host for seniors in high school interested in coming to Mount Union. This past summer (2016), I studied abroad in Cheng Du, China and I am currently a CGE Student Worker. In addition, AMA (American Marketing Association), my Selling and Sales class and Marketing Research class have all provided beneficial hands-on learning. My favorite experience so far is definitely studying abroad in China. I was there for 7 weeks; the first 2 weeks I was traveling to different cities with the Mount Union Travel Seminar and then during the last 5 weeks, I was studying abroad in Cheng Du. I took Tai Chi and a Chinese Language course, which both counted towards my Chinese minor.

Favorite Professor

My favorite professor has to be Mark McConnell. Not only has he been my professor for several classes for my majors but, he is also my advisor. He has directed me on what classes I should take and when I should take them. When I had my advising meeting with him, we went through the last few classes that I will need to take before I graduate. In addition to being  nice, caring and funny to all his students, he has also undoubtedly prepared me for graduation.