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Finch '25
Finch '25

James Finch '25

Finance major

I knew that as a student [at Mount Union], I'd succeed academically and professionally while having fun and enjoying every moment.


B.A., Finance


Beaver, PA

Other Interest

Founders Scholarship recipient 

Transferring to Mount Union

Deciding to transfer to Mount Union was a decision that would help my academic career as well as my mental health. I realized that the accounting/business program at Mount Union prepares students to enter the field ready to handle any task. I knew that as a student [at Mount Union], I'd succeed academically and professionally while having fun and enjoying every moment. When one is a transfer student one thinks that the school does not care about them, but when I began my process, Mount Union checked in on me and even remembered my birthday; they sent me a "happy birthday" email. My best friend also impacted my decision to choose Mount Union because he spoke highly about his experience as a student here.

Experiential Learning Opportunities 

Throughout my time as a student in the School of Business, I've befriended students who want to succeed in the field as well. Though, the real-world experiences I've participated in are unique in the sense that they match the goals I want to accomplish not only as a student, but as a professional. I currently intern as a tax accountant at a firm in Akron and am preparing to begin another internship in Pittsburgh this summer (2024). Though, I also traveled to New York City during the spring 2024 semester with three (3) other students and marketing faculty member to participate in the Global Asset Management Education Forum at Quinnipiac University. We presented on the growth of our stock accounts and won first place in two different categories. This experience helped us students not only to immerse ourselves in a real-life situation, but expand our network systems, interacting with people in the business and finance fields.

Overcoming Obstacles

While transferring schools may seem like an easy process, I was afraid that I would not fit in and be lost in my courses as I transferred in the middle of the academic year. However, when I stepped on campus, I instantly felt at home. I made friends as soon as I started my journey as a student here, and they've impacted my experience in terms of student life, significantly. To students looking for colleges/universities, I'd remind them that a big school doesn't mean that they'll have a grand experience. A small school offers equally important and enjoyable experiences as a larger school.