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Joshua Linerode
Joshua Linerode

Joshua Linerode '14

Graduate Student

The world around us will never be black and white but it will always be full of color.


B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies


Strasburg, Ohio

I am currently attending Youngstown State University to pursue my Masters Degree in Student Affairs and College Counseling, and am applying for jobs so that I can get my foot in the door with counseling organizations while attending graduate school.

Mount is Different

Mount Union is different from other universities in regard to all the opportunities that are being offered to students academically and socially. In regard to academics, there are not that many universities that will let you create your own program, even if you have a set goal in mind of what you would like to accomplish in the future. When it comes to social opportunities, Mount Union has a diverse population that not many students get to see and/or interact with when they are not on campus. This opportunity gives them the chance to experience new things in a safe environment.

Future Plans

After graduating from Mount Union, I feel like I can accomplish just about anything that I put my mind to. Something that I want to accomplish in my lifetime, in regard to the career that I would like to have, would be to help somebody look at the world around them and see it through a different perspective. The world around us will never be black and white but it will always be full of color. Nothing will ever be what it truly seems to be.

Lenses on Life

With a large majority of the classes that I took, they gave my various “lenses” of how to look at the world around me, such as using a psychology lens, sociology lens, education lens and gender studies lens.

Involvements on Campus

As a student, I was involved in Gay-Straight Alliance, Student Diversity Council, Diversity Initiative Steering Committee and Residence Life.

Senior Practicum

I did a senior practicum with Suzanne (Suzie) Dennis, the Alliance Middle School counselor. The practicum was for my SCE class but I still talk to Suzie on a regular basis.

Favorite Professor

My favorite by far was professor Anisi Daniels-Smith. I had her for Males and Females: Sociological Perspectives and Minority Group Relations. Not only does she know her material to the extent of what is being taught but she goes above and beyond to make sure that students are able to critically think about what is going on in the world around us. She asked so many questions that made students realize that they really are not seeing the full picture.

Best Memories

Some of my best memories of attending Mount Union would have to be how I met my best friends there. They were there for me when I was having my lowest of lows as well as celebrating my highest of highs with me. I could not ask for better friends and I feel like I am truly blessed to have them in my life.