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Jumpstart Frequently Asked Questions

Jumpstart FAQ

  1. How much does the Jumpstart Program cost?

    There is NO  expense to you for room/board, sessions, workshops, and social events during the program. To be admitted to Jumpstart, new students must submit their enrollment deposit to the University of Mount Union by June 10, 2019.

  2. Where will I be living during Jumpstart, and what should I bring?

    During the Jumpstart Program, all participants will be living in one of our traditional residence halls with other Jumpstart participants.

    Students who will live in on-campus housing in the fall, or those reporting for a fall athletic camp after Jumpstart, can bring all the items you plan to have for the school year. However, you will need to arrange to store your items during the Jumpstart Program, and then make arrangements to move those items into your permanent room for the fall semester after Jumpstart has ended.

    Students who are not fall athletes will return home when the Jumpstart Program ends, and return to campus Friday, August 16 on Move-in Day for fall Orientation.

  3. What will a typical weekday and weekend look like?

    Jumpstart is intended to flow similarly to a typical academic schedule, but each day during the program will be slightly different and allow students some free time as well as opportunities to engage further with support resources.

    Specific weekday programs will include academic prep for math competencies, academic prep in reading, writing, and oral presentation, engagement in library research, building skills and habits that will lead to academic success, skills for transitioning to college life, sessions with other student resources and offices on campus, and much more!

    Evenings will include tutoring hours, study time, and free time or activities led by faculty or Team Leads. Each night, Jumpstart students will stay in a residence hall on campus with their Jumpstart roommate, and with trained Residence Life staff and Team Leads in the same hall.

    Weekends will mostly focus on social, community and cultural activities. Students accepted to Jumpstart will receive a detailed schedule at check-in.

  4. What activities must I attend?

    You are required to attend all Jumpstart sessions, workshops, and social and cultural events. The University will cover all activity expenses. 

  5. Who else is participating? Who will I meet?

    You will meet and interact with other first-year students, upperclassmen, faculty, staff and Dr. Merriman, the President of the University.

  6. What are Team Leaders?

    Team Leads are trained student mentors that will serve as role models and resources to students throughout Jumpstart. Team Leads will attend sessions, develop and direct social and educational activities, conduct one-on-one mentoring sessions, and be a positive influence and guide to students as they transition into University life.  

  7. I am a parent or family member; Who will be with my student during the program?

    As part of Jumpstart, students will interact with various faculty members, administrators and staff of the University. A trained Residence Life administrator will be with students in their residence hall after 9 p.m., and trained Team Leads  (student mentors) will be with students during sessions and activities.  In addition, the Jumpstart administrators will be present each day, interact with and get to know students, and will also lead some sessions. Contact information for Jumpstart administrators is below:

    Lori L. Braa, Associate Professor of Sport Business , 

    Jesse Cunion, Assistant Dean for Student Success,| (330) 823-6051 

    Tammi Kohl Kennedy, Director of Academic Support, Center for Student Success , | (330) 823-3146

    Representatives of the program will also be available when you check in for the Jumpstart Program. 

  8. Can I bring a car?

    Before arriving for Jumpstart, you must notify the Jumpstart program director and obtain a parking permit in the Office of Campus Security. In case of emergency, campus security can transport you to your car. After securing permission and a parking permit, please inform us that you have brought a car to Jumpstart when you check in for the program.

  9. Will I earn college credit toward graduation for completing the Jumpstart Program?

    Yes. Students who participate in the Jumpstart Program, in its entirety, will earn 2 credit hours toward graduation upon completing the program.

  10. I will be a commuter student in the fall; do I need to stay on campus during the Jumpstart Program?

    Yes, all students participating in Jumpstart will be required to live on campus for the entirety of the program. 

  11. Will I be able to meet with my coaches and workout during the Jumpstart Program?

    Yes, Jumpstart students will have free time during some days, on certain evenings, and during the weekend when they may choose to work out or talk with coaches. Some coaches are on campus during the summer, but their office hours vary. Please contact them directly. 

    The fitness facility will be open during the summer as follows: 

    McPherson Academic and Athletic Complex (MAAC) Summer Hours: 

    Monday – Friday | 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. 
    Saturday | 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 
    Sunday | 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

  12. Who will be transporting students to off-campus activities?

    During Jumpstart, there will be opportunities for students to participate in off-campus activities. The University will provide transportation, and students will be accompanied by Team Leads, as well as faculty members or administrators from the University.  

  13. How do I get around campus?

    The University of Mount Union is a small, residential campus of roughly 2,200 undergraduate students. All buildings and facilities are easily accessible by walking. Campus Security is also available for students who have mobility concerns or need assistance.  

  14. Do I need to bring dress clothes?

    No, you will not be required to have dress clothes for Jumpstart. During the scheduled programming, students will need to be dressed appropriately (nice shorts, jeans, etc. are appropriate – workout clothes, pajama pants and revealing clothing are not).

  15. I have other questions. Who should I ask?

    For questions, please contact the Center for Student Success at (330) 823-8685 or