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Lillian Evans ‘13

Diversity Specialist

Having the advisors/mentors that I had at Mount Union has allowed me to be that for other students.


M.Ed., Kent State University
B.A., Early Childhood Education


Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Current: Lafeyette, Indiana

Memories at Mount   

I am a legacy kid. My mother graduated from Mount, in a year I can't say. I never wanted to attend her school, but she forced me to at least take a tour. When I saw Mount, it was beautiful! It reminded me of what college looked like on TV. It was the right institution for me. I love Mount Union because it helped create the woman that I am today. It gave me the people I needed in my life, it gave me the push that I needed, and gave me the confidence that has taken me through the years.  

Campus Involvement 

I was heavily involved in extracurriculars at Mount Union. Some would say I majored in it. For that reason, I changed my career path and decided to go into higher education. I have worked at Purdue University the past four years, working with student success in one way or another. Having the advisors/mentors that I had at Mount Union has allowed me to be that for other students. I have kept a lot of my friends from undergrad. They keep me sane. I also try to come back to campus for homecomings whenever I can. I love being on campus. And I cannot stay away from Tailgaters.


Working in Higher Education 

I am the Diversity Specialist for the Department of Computer Science. My job entails helping make sure marginalized students matriculate while also having the most equitable experience at the university. I also give inclusion training for faculty, staff and students. My favorite part of my job is working with my students! They are the reason I go to work. I love watching students have their "come to Jesus" moments. As an advisor/mentor, I will never tell a student what to do but to facilitate meaningful conversations to allow them to find their own conclusions. My overall goal is to create my own nonprofit for children of color.