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Lukea Pitinii '26

Biochemistry major

Biochemistry, a major which combines my love of biology and chemistry, while also incorporating many of the medical school prerequisites that I need, is preparing me to be a confident and successful professional after graduating.


B.S. Biochemistry


Warren, Ohio

Other Interest

Trustee and Choir Performance Scholarship recipient

A Path Towards Success

I began my undergraduate career as a biology major on the pre-med track. However, that soon changed when I came into contact with Dr. Woodward, director of the Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions Program, and now my official academic advisor. Dr. Woodward first exposed me to the prospect of becoming a biochemistry major, which combines my love of biology and chemistry. While also incorporating many of the medical school prerequisites that I need; it is preparing me to be a confident and successful professional after graduating. The fact that many of these classes, including physics, calculus, organic chemistry, and biochemistry, were already built-in to my course plan meant I could take other courses, which interested me. The biochemistry major allowed me to add both a biology and mathematics minor. I love the flexibility that the biochemistry major has given me, and how many opportunities, including research, lab teaching assistant and tutoring positions that it has provided me with! 

Real-World Experiences 

Mount Union has granted me an abundance of opportunities throughout my time here. In only my second semester I began working as a lab teaching assistant for the chemistry department, and have continued working ever since. Working as a TA has allowed me to not only get more experience in the lab, but also to become more familiar with lab techniques and methods as I instruct others throughout the course of the semester. Additionally, I am beginning research with Dr. Keith Miller in the biochemistry department, and I am excited for him to shower me with his expertise and knowledge of the biochemistry field, as well as to continue strengthening and developing my lab expertise. 

Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Goals

One of the biggest obstacles I’ve had to overcome includes the realization that I cannot do everything, and coming to terms with the fact that this is okay. I am the kind of person that enjoys staying busy and constantly having something to do or attend. While I continued this trend in college, I had to minimize my habits from high school of saying “yes” to everything. College is a huge life transition, which includes different lifestyles, habits, and diets. Therefore, my days are now packed with studying and work, and I had to accept the fact that saying “no” to a lot of activities and opportunities was an acceptable thing to do. Stretching yourself far too thin is a commonality among many college students, including myself, but it is also important to remember that self-care and mental health is also vital to collegiate and lifelong success.