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Maggie Galentine '23

Psychology and French major

Mount Union offers a variety of psychology courses that have allowed me to find my niche.


B.S., Psychology
B.A., French


Louisville, OH

Commuting to a Second Home

I live 20 minutes away from Mount Union in Louisville, Ohio. Throughout my childhood, I spent many days in Alliance and attended various events on campus. By the time I entered middle school, I knew that I wanted Mount Union to be part of my future. Attending Mount also allowed me to be a commuter student. Many have said that by commuting I’m missing out on the “college experience”. However, I’ve loved every second so far! Mount Union feels like a second home. All of my professors know me by name, and I found a secret commuter lot. I received the Founder’s Scholarship and the University of Mount Union Gift Award. Also, I received several outside scholarships to help with the cost.

Making a Difference 

When I was looking for a psychologist myself, I had difficulty finding one. There is a need for mental health professionals, and I want to make a difference. I’m involved in PEERS through Mount Union. PEERS aims to help students with autism improve their social skills. This is my favorite experience because I get to make others smile.

A Career in Psychology 

Integrative Core classes have been the most challenging for me. I hope these challenges will make me a more well-rounded professional. My career goal is to have my own practice that specializes in the mental health of adolescents. Mount Union offers a variety of psychology courses that have allowed me to find my niche.

Making a College Decision

Don’t let anyone else make your college decision for you! Prevent yourself from attending a college or university solely because that’s where your friends are going. If you want to stay close to home, go for it.