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Mike Jarrett
Mike Jarrett

Mike Jarrett '87


Very few universities in the country have what Mount Union has; a unique combination of academic and athletic excellence.


B.A. Business Administration


Orville, Ohio 

I am president of a variety of companies positioned in the transportation, logistics, real estate and fitness industries. I am responsible for creating and implementing strategic direction for and ensuring that the companies meet financial performance objectives, employ the best personnel and meet and exceed customer expectations.

Why I Chose Mount Union 

Great school, great campus and I was recruited by Coach Wable and Coach Kehres.

Unique Combination

Very few universities in the country have what Mount Union has – a unique combination of academic and athletic excellence.

Favorite Professor

Dr. Michael Myler was my academic advisor. He had a great sense of humor and truly cared about his students’ academic achievement.

Best Memories

There were many. Those that stand out were the great times with friends and playing football for two great head football coaches. 


I played football and was resident advisor of a campus house on Vincent Street for two years.

Continued Education

I received an MBA from the University of Akron.

Career Preparation

My Mount Union education helped my career in multiple ways. Academically, my courses in business, accounting, finance and management were very helpful.  


I learned how to persevere, work hard and how to be a leader. From Coach Wable, I learned how to plan, organize and the value of preparation. From Coach Kehres, I learned that focus, attention to detail, hard work, preparedness and accountability are keys to winning on the field and in life.  Years later, I realized that running a successful football team is very similar to running a successful company. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn “how to win” from both Coach Wable and Coach Kehres.

Good Investment

My education prepared me for working hard and making good business decisions.

Best Part of Job

I enjoy making decisions that make a difference. The most important part of my job is to make sure we recruit and retain great people, ensure those great people are in the right positions and that they all are on the same bus, heading in the same direction. I tell people often that Tom Brady is a great quarterback, but he would be a crummy offensive guard. Having great people does not guarantee success. However, having great people, in the right positions and all on the same page, will give your organization the best opportunity to achieve greatness.