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National Security and Intelligence Analysis

The Bachelor of Arts in national security and intelligence analysis (NSIA) degree from the University of Mount Union is an interdisciplinary program that is geared towards preparing you for a career in the national security and foreign intelligence fields. Our national security major is geared toward helping you develop the critical skills that will prepare you to identify, analyze, and deal with current and emerging threats facing the United States.

To prepare you to work in the field of national security, Mount Union’s NSIA major pulls from a variety of disciplines. In this program, you will take courses ranging from foreign policy, intelligence analysis and terrorism to cyberwar, economic warfare and market/business intelligence, among others. In addition to focusing on two critical world regions, you will also be required to minor in a foreign language and complete a national security-related internship.

National Security and Intelligence Analysis Quick Facts  

The NSIA degree requires a total of 52 credit hours, along with the 32 credit hours required to fulfill the Integrative Core. Mount Union’s national security and foreign intelligence analysis major requirements are designed to be interdisciplinary. The program offers an applied approach to the study of national security while also providing a broad education in intelligence analysis, U.S. foreign policy, cyber security, world languages and global politics. The degree also emphasizes practical experiences as well as opportunities for hands-on learning to prepare you for a rewarding career, including: 

  • Attending both local and national conferences and seminars in the fields of foreign intelligence and national security
  • Opportunities to participate in travel seminars with faculty and students and study abroad, which allows students to meet with international investors and business executives from around the world
  • Internships with local or regional organizations such as the Cleveland Council on Foreign Affairs and with government organizations in Washington, DC


In order to prepare you to work in this field, the University of Mount Union’s National Security and Intelligence major program pulls from a variety of disciplines. You will begin your education with foundations courses in government, politics and economics. Through this program, you will study topics ranging from foreign policy to national security to intelligence gathering. In addition, you will be required to complete a minor in one of the following areas: foreign language or computer and network security, as well as participate in a foreign policy internship. Through this program, you will also develop writing, leadership and organizational skills, which are essential for the field. 


Upon completion of the national security and foreign intelligence analysis degree program, students will be able to...

  • describe the intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination processes
  • list the main agencies and their role in the national security/foreign policy structures of the United States
  • identify current and prospective threats to U.S. national security from a regional, global and domestic perspective
  • identify the linkages between foreign intelligence analysis and policy-making
  • write clear and concise intelligence and security analysis reports

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