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Peacebuilding and Social Justice

The peacebuilding and social justice program at the University of Mount Union is an interdisciplinary program grounded in the humanities and drawing from the social sciences and other academic realms.  Students engage, analyze, and work to resolve messy, overlapping, and complex interpersonal, community, and international conflicts, consider and implement creative, nonviolent, and sustainable solutions drawing upon the expertise and perspectives multiple academic perspectives.  They will leverage their interdisciplinary training and disciplinary expertise to prevent conflict and to act as makers and sustainers of peace and justice at home and abroad, in their homes, workplaces, and communities.  The minor provides an excellent complement to nearly any academic major and with the program’s commitment to theoretical understanding, practical skills-building, and engagement with diversity so as to prepare students for graduate work and/or careers in law, education, counseling, business, the not-for-profit world, social service and many other fields.

Interested in a minor in peacebuilding and social justice? Learn more about the required classes you will be taking by reading the course descriptions and course catalogue.