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Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Department of Justice, Diversity, and Interdisciplinary Humanities

The Department of Justice, Diversity, and Interdisciplinary Humanities (JDIH) offers five innovative, stand-alone minors: Africana studies, gender and sexuality studies, peacebuilding and social justice, philosophy, and religious studies. These programs offer unique perspectives that help students understand the world around them on a deeper level, which makes each minor a great complement to any major area of study. JDIH offers courses both in the minors and in the Integrative Core that focus on how humans pose and answer questions, solve problems, and address issues that are often too complex to be dealt with by a single discipline. This is the nature of interdisciplinary endeavor: recognizing that we need people from all realms at the table if we are to think well and act strategically to resolve our world’s most dire problems, such as poverty, war and violence, intolerance, and prejudice. To that end, our minor programs emphasize experiential learning through site visits, independent and collaborative research projects, service opportunities, internships, and travel.

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