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Rizwan Ibadat
Rizwan Ibadat

Rizwan Ibadat M '12

Hospital Physician Assistant

The curriculum, friendly environment and dedicated staff set Mount Union's program apart from other graduate programs that I considered.


M.S. Physician Assistant Studies


Detroit, Michigan 

Choosing Mount Union for Graduate School

The Physician Assistant Studies graduate program at Mount Union was a fairly new program in 2012. I felt very comfortable during my admissions interview and found all professors and staff very helpful, which helped me make my decision. The curriculum, friendly environment and dedicated staff set Mount Union’s program apart from other graduate programs that I considered. 

Favorite Professors and Experiences

It’s hard to choose which professor was my favorite because I found all professors at their best. Dr. Drake from the Cleveland Clinic who taught an anatomy lecture was one of my favorites. With Professor Romano in our school labs, we had great hands-on experiences during the didactic period. During clinicals we had great hospitals and clinics for hands-on experiences, where we learned a lot from different physicians and physician assistants. 

Preparing to be a Physician Assistant

Mount Union gave me the confidence that PAs need. Going to school at Mount Union has made me strong enough to face challenges in the current world and taught me how to be a better person and practitioner. I would definitely recommend this program because of the hardworking professors, staff and overall school environment. I think that percentage of students who pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) is evidence of how well Mount Union has prepared us for our future careers. 

Life Post Graduation

I feel honored to be a part of the Abu Dhabi branch of the Cleveland Clinic. My current job is very exciting and challenging. In this new country, I enjoy working with the new patient population and learning new culture norms. I do my best to still stay connected to Mount Union through email and the website.