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Sammi Vetrick '22

Human development and family science and French double major

Mount is a second home because of all the amazing and friendly people here. I have never met a single person who hasn't genuinely cared about how I'm doing.


B.A., Human Development and Family Science
B.A., French


Medina, Ohio (Buckeye HS)

Why Mount Union?

When I was visiting schools my senior year of high school, this was the last place that I came. I had heard about it from my older brother when he was visiting schools and he told me to come and check it out. It wasn't for him, but he said that he could see me here at Mount Union. The second that I stepped onto campus, I immediately fell in love. I knew it was the place for me. The campus was beautiful and the various majors that I could choose from made me felt as ease. Mount Union feels like a second home because of the people. Everyone is so friendly, and the professors are very helpful. I have made so many lifelong friends here and I always feel so welcomed everywhere that I go. Without Mount Union, I would never have met my best friend, my partner, and all my wonderful Alpha Xi Delta sisters.


Picking the Right College

Go somewhere where you feel at home. Explore as many places as possible. You want to expand your horizons, so you end up finding the right home for you. Also, join everything and do it all! There are so many things to do, take advantage of them. COVID made me lose some precious time at Mount Unio, so I encourage everyone to do as much as they can because time goes by so quickly. Make the most of your time in college.


Studying at Mount Union

I came to Mount Union undecided in my major and after talking with the Center for Student Success, they helped me find the right path. Dr. Landry encouraged me to look into French and then to study abroad. I was also pushed to investigate the human development and student development major. I fell in love with both majors, and I was able to see how they go hand in hand regarding a future career. When I chose my minor, Dr. Johnson pushed me to choose peace building and social justice. I feel like I am learning so much so quickly and I can see how it will help me in the future. I am a big study abroad person. I studied abroad in France my sophomore year before COVID. I fell in love with the entire experience. When I returned, I was employed by the university as a Study Abroad Ambassador which then turned into my current position as the Study Abroad Program Advisor. I love every minute and aspect of it and my experience here at Mount Union regarding study abroad has helped to shape me into the person I am today, I am excited to continue and pursue a career in study abroad.


Career Goals

My dream is to continue work as a study abroad advisor. Mount Union is helping to prepare me for this because of the work that I get to do alongside the wonderful people in the Center for Global Education. I get to work with students, learn so much from the world language professors, and have a great mentor, Dr. Jennifer Hall. The guidance and mentoring from Dr. Hall have given me so much information and I am so very grateful for all her help!