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tim pinter
tim pinter

Tim Pinter III '22

Marketing and sport business double major

Mount Union feels like a second home because the staff treats you like family. I quite literally grew up at Mount Union.


B.A., Sport business 

B.A., Marketing 


Alliance, Ohio

A Mount Union Legacy

My mother attended Mount Union College and had me when she was 19. So, I quite literally grew up at Mount Union. With my mother raising me by herself, we grew extremely close. She has always had a huge impact on my life and going to Mount Union was another way she impacted me. Upon coming to Mount Union, I received an academic scholarship as well as the Legacy Scholarship.


A Second Home

Mount Union feels like a second home because the staff treats you like family. Some of my professors and their families have been involved in my life since I was a baby. Dr. Thoma's wife used to babysit me when my mother would be in class. That act of treating the students like family stuck with me through my whole life and influenced my decision on coming here. The only piece of advice I have for students looking at colleges is to go to Mount Union. It will be the best decision of your life.


Choosing a Major

I originally came to Mount with the intentions of getting a degree in sport business. I chose sport business because Mount Union has arguably the best sport business program in the nation, and I received a lot of guidance from Dr. Thoma. During preview, I ran into Professor Joel Evans. He encouraged me to hear him out on why I should consider adding a marketing major into my plan. After a long conversation, Joel showed me that he had my best interest in mind, which is why I declared marketing as my second major.


Experiences and Goals

Through Mount Union I have had a lot of hands-on experience with real businesses and real people in the sports industry. My favorite experience was being a part of a large event for a project. Dr. Thoma was very flexible and allowed me to run my own large event. I used one of my concerts for the event and Dr. Thoma even attended it! I feel my experience with the Integrative Core will make me extremely well rounded in every aspect of life which will make me a better candidate in my fields of study. My ultimate career goal is to run a night club in Alliance, Ohio. Mount Union is preparing me for my endeavors as a business owner through firsthand experiences in many different businesses in every aspect.