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Tyler Sovizral
Tyler Sovizral

Tyler Sovizral '18

Mount Union is different because the professors here truly care about you.


Civil Engineering


Medina, Ohio

Minor: Mathematics

Choosing Mount Union

I chose Mount Union for many different reasons. I always knew that I wanted to study engineering in college, which most small schools don’t offer. Since Mount Union has smaller class sizes I knew that I would be able to have much more interaction with professors both in and out of classroom. I also chose Mount Union because of the distance it was from home and for how nicely kept campus is. I received the Hartshorn award as well as other grants and smaller scholarships. The amount of scholarships I received really set Mount Union ahead of my other options.

Community Vibe

I enjoy the community feeling you get when you are on campus here at Mount Union. It’s really nice being able to walk to class and pass friends or professors you may know. Mount Union feels like a second home because everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The size of campus allows for you to meet a lot of the great people that are here. The friends that I have made here at Mount Union have really helped me adjust to college life over the years. Always having people to hang out with and do homework with makes the tough times of college extremely easier.

Challenging Major

I chose civil engineering because I’ve always been interested in infrastructure such as bridges and buildings and how math and science related to them. I also like being able to see how the things I design and build help society. Mount Union is different because the professors here truly care about you. At larger universities you may be just a number but here at Mount Union you can get to know professors personally, which really helps in the learning process.

Favorite Professor

My favorite professor is Dr. Yan Liu. Dr. Liu makes all of his classes very interesting and applicable to our future. He also cares tremendously about his student’s intellectual growth and future success. He is always willing to go the extra mile for all of his students.

Preparation for the Future

Receiving a liberal arts education has prepared me professionally because it has allowed me to receive a well-rounded education. It has exposed me to subjects such as sociology, history, and music, which most people aren’t exposed to in college outside of a liberal arts institution. The Integrative Core here at Mount Union has prepared me to be a better professional because it’s given me the chance to expand my knowledge on courses that I ordinarily would not have thought about taking. It has contributed to the bettering of my writing and oral presentation abilities, which are key components of being a successful professional engineer. 

Ultimate Goal

My ultimate career goal would be to attend graduate school and receive my Master’s degree in structural engineering and receive my Professional Engineering License. Mount Union has helped me prepare by setting a great foundation both academically and professionally.