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Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart

Tyler Stewart '19

Early Childhood Education Major

I chose Mount Union for two reasons: it was close to home and the education program is top notch.


Early Childhood Education


Paris, Ohio

Minor: Intervention Specialist

Hearing About Mount

I grew up hearing about Mount Union because the campus is only 15 minutes away from my house. I chose Mount Union for two reasons: it was close to home and the education program is top notch.

Small Classes, Big Support System

I think my favorite thing about Mount Union is how friendly the students and the faculty are. There are small class sizes, so you really get to know other classmates as well as the professors. Also, the professors are very helpful in doing everything they can to help get you through classes. It’s like they are your own personal support system.

Choosing Early Education

I chose Early Childhood Education as my major because of my love for children. I am observing some elementary classes right now and getting involving in teaching the kids and I absolutely love it. I decided to teach younger kids because they seem to want to come to school and they enjoy it more.

Helpful Professors

The Education Faculty has helped me adjust to college life throughout the years. They have all helped with keeping me organized, helping better myself as a student along with developing healthy study habits and they have helped me get involved in many different educational activities outside the classroom. At the very least, I can thank them for shaping me to become a successful educator.

Picking a Minor

To be the best teacher I can be, I thought minoring as an Intervention Specialist would make me a well-rounded teacher and improve my teaching style. Learning how to teach typical and atypical students is helping me to become a successful teacher.

Learning Through Experience

I have had experiential learning opportunities such as observing elementary classrooms and working one-on-one with students. My favorite experience so far has been being a part of a 1st grade elementary class at Lexington Elementary. I was placed in this classroom last year and this year and there is just something about the teacher and the classroom that has a homelike feeling.

Goal for the Future

My ultimate career goal is to teach 1st grade and coach soccer and baseball high school sports. Mount Union is preparing me by shaping me into the best possible teacher I can become.

Assisted by Integrative Core

The integrative core classes will make me a better professional in my field by helping me understand material I didn’t before. The Integrative Core is beneficial to learning more in depth about your field of study.