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Undergraduate and Graduate Learning Goals

To accomplish the mission, the University faculty has established guidelines to help students that can be found in the University Catalog:

I. Demonstrate Core Abilities

  • A. Demonstrate ability to acquire and assess information.
  • B. Demonstrate research skills (both quantitative and qualitative).
  • C. Develop ability to think critically.
  • D. Develop ability to think creatively.
  • E. Develop communication skills.

II. Foundational Knowledge and Integration

  • A. Acquire knowledge in humanities, arts and sciences.
  • B. Demonstrate the use of concepts and methods in humanities, arts, and sciences.
  • C. Develop the ability to view the world from multiple disciplinary perspectives.
  • D. Integrate knowledge and techniques across multiple disciplines.

III. Preparation for Fulfilling Lives

  • A. Acquire the tools for self-development in order to assess and improve physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth and wellness.
  • B. Find and cultivate intellectual pursuits.
  • C. Find and cultivate pursuits for personal enrichment.

IV. Preparation for Meaningful Work

  • A. Acquire discipline specific knowledge and skills needed at a professional level.
  • B. Demonstrate use of discipline specific knowledge and skills.
  • C. Integrate discipline specific knowledge and abilities with multiple disciplinary perspectives.
  • D. Develop ability to collaborate with others to solve problems.

V. Preparation for Responsible Citizenship

  • A. Develop knowledge and appreciation of the individual's culture and other cultures in a global context.
  • B. Understand and employ ethics within diverse cultural, social, professional, environmental and personal settings.
  • C. Demonstrate civic engagement by active involvement in and beyond the classroom.