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Wai Sum Fung '23

Medical Laboratory Technician

My career goal is to be a physician assistant and Mount Union is helping me by providing a great program with hands-on learning experiences.


B.S., Medical Laboratory Science


Hong Kong, China 

Why Mount Union

The professors were very friendly and supportive. I never heard about other universities having such supportive and helpful faculty and staff like Mount Union does. I remember constantly attending their office hours but even after graduating, they are still very welcoming and open to assist me academically.

Career- Centered

The major I chose is very straight forward which means I became a medical laboratory scientist/technician upon graduating from the school's program. I was able to gain hands-on skills in the science field during my time at Mount with internships. I held one with Cleveland Clinic and that is where I am currently working at. 

Favorite Memory at Mount Union

Mount Union not only gave me exceptional learning opportunities to accomplish my academic goals, but it also gave lasting friendships. I loved hanging out with my friends and fraternity brothers. Whether that was hanging out on campus or exploring other cities, I always had fun with them. I am also grateful to have met Dawn Adams, who was like a mom to all the International students.