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Science Day FAQ

District 13 Science Day is one of 17 District Science Days held throughout Ohio each March. District 13 encompasses the following counties: Carroll, Stark, and Tuscarawas. Students from these counties wishing to participate in the District 13 Science Day must first receive a Superior rating from a Local Science Day.

All projects submitted for consideration at the District Level must adhere to the Science Day Standards set forth by the Junior Academy of the Ohio Academy of Science. The Science Day Standards were developed to promote fairness, safety, and ethical research. All projects must also follow the ISEF rules and guidelines of the Society for Science and the Public.

  1. Do I have to participate in my school's science fair in order to participate at the District Level?

    Yes. All students wishing to participate in the District 13 Science Day must participate in a Local Fair if one is offered. If one is not offered, students my submit their projects to the District 13 SRC for review and possible acceptance to District competition.

  2. Are computers allowed for presentations with project displays?

    Battery-powered computers may be used only for simulation, modelling, animation or data display integral and essential to understand, analyze or interpret project results. Computers may not be used for general Power Point TM or other visual or sound presentations.  Electricity will not be provided

    See OAS Standards

  3. Are team projects allowed?

    Yes, but your team members must be from the same school and each member must be included in the Stem Wizard Registration and pay the $25 fee.

  4. How much is the required fee?

    Fees are $25 per participant. Checks can be made payable to The University of Mount Union with District 13 Science Day in the memo line. Some classroom teachers prefer to collect fees and have the school cut one check to Mount Union; therefore, check with your teacher before paying the participation fee.

  5. What does the fee cover?

    A portion of each fee is used to cover materials and ribbons each student receives, as well as lunch for each participant in the University of Mount Union dining hall. The remaining amount helps cover general operating expenses for District 13 Science Day.

  6. I only want to participate in the District 13 Science Day, not the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Why do I have to follow the ISEF Rules and Guidelines and use the ISEF forms?

    Even students who plan to only participate in the District 13 Day must follow the ISEF Rules and Guidelines and fill-out the ISEF forms. The ISEF Rules and Guidelines and Forms have been adopted by the Junior Academy of the Ohio Academy of Science as the governing regulations for District and State Science Days.

  7. I earned a Superior at my Local Science Day and want to participate at District 13 Science Day, but I have a conflict. What should I do?

    It is possible for students from District 13 to participate at a District Science Day in another District; however, a request to do so must be submitted by District 13 Co-Directors and to the director of the district in which the student would like to participate. If you have a conflict, please contact Jamie Greiner to discuss the issue and arrange for participation in another district. Please note: Participation in a district other than the home district of a participant is at the discretion of both District Directors invovled in the request.

  8. Where is District 13 Science Day held?

    The District 13 Science Day is held in Bracy Hall on the University of Mount Union campus in Alliance, Ohio. Please visit the University of Mount Union for directions and information about the campus.