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MLK Day of Service

Regula Center

The Regula Center is home to a variety of opportunities that allow students to prepare for careers in public service, get involved in the community, and learn about the importance of civic engagement. Home to the Dowling Mentor Program, Regula Scholars, Continued Learning Program, and more, the Center provides a wide range of programming for our students and the community. Additionally, the Center coordinates monthly community service projects, including the MLK Day of Service and the Community-wide Thanksgiving Dinner, educational opportunities, and political interest trips for students. For more information about the Regula Center, view our Annual Report in the resources below.


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The mission of the Regula Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement is to promote civic engagement, community outreach, and experiential learning with an emphasis on ethical decision-making, high standards of inclusivity, ingenuity, and long-lasting partnerships to make positive change. 


The vision of the Ralph and Mary Regula Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement is four-fold:

  1. Mount Union will become a significant conduit of prepared and motivated individuals seeking careers in local, state, and federal government in a wide variety of capacities.
  2. Having access to a comprehensive service-learning and community service program will allow students opportunities to become involved in activities which lead to the enhancement of their long-term commitment to civic engagement, social responsibility, and public service.
  3. The academic and intellectual climate of Mount Union will be enhanced by expanding beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom.
  4. Mount Union will have a lasting, positive effect on the broader community by developing partnerships and conducting research designed to address key community needs and respond to important social problems.

Get Involved 

The Regula Center is available to talk to students and meet one-on-one with them to plan awareness events or collections on campus. Complete this form to streamline work in the community and track service-learning information after events. 

The Regula Center additionally helps students host campus collections and drives. Complete this form to make sure all groups understand the proper channels to work through when planning.