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Message from the Dean

Greetings! It is my sincere pleasure, and an honor, to welcome you to the College of Applied and Social Sciences (CASS).  The sense of community that we have at Mount Union is like no other. Our faculty and support staff are unmatched, and they will thoughtfully guide you along your academic path leading to graduation.

The College of Applied and Social Sciences is made up of a network of scholars, practitioners, and teachers.  What that means is that our highly qualified faculty have engaged in rigorous academic research, held positions in their respective industries and are all committed to providing the highest quality learning experiences for our students both in and outside of the classroom.  As a College of Applied and Social Sciences student, you will have the opportunity to engage with the academic content of your chosen discipline while also interacting in the field with industry professionals.

Our College is made up of the following Departments and Schools:

  • Department of Math and Computer Science
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • School of Business
  • School of Education
  • School of Engineering

These units serve as homes to our major fields of study relating to the following disciplines:

The CASS also offers two areas of minor study which are entrepreneurship and leadership studies

Described above are some of the amazing opportunities our CASS students are afforded through the major disciplines they choose to study. So, if you select a major housed within the College of Applied and Social Sciences you may also be able to engage in some of the ways found on our CASS Outcomes page.

I encourage you to study hard and get involved as much as you can so that you may fully take advantage of our mission to prepare you for a fulfilling life, meaningful work, and being a responsible citizen.

I look forward to welcoming each of you to the College of Applied and Social Sciences.

Go Raiders!