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Bachelor of Arts in History Degree

Spark your intellectual curiosity and be prepared for a variety of careers with the Bachelor of Arts in history degree from Mount Union. Our program explores history on a global scale while providing you with research skills that are transferrable to all facets of life.

Our expert faculty offer comprehensive historical knowledge, allowing for precise focus on the topics and industries where you aim to achieve success. Whether you want to teach, practice law, or travel the world, your advising sessions are tailored to your personal academic journey.


About the Program

The history major at Mount Union will ensure you grow as a critical, independent thought leader in your post-graduate efforts. Regardless of your future, our history program offers the flexibility to double major in areas of study that fit your specific career goals.

Investigating the impact of historical events beyond the classroom, you will experience hands-on applications of how history has shaped our world today. Through participation in visits to cultural sites, rewarding volunteer work, and networking at conferences, you will be to show up for the road ahead by reflecting on what led us to this point in time.


History Quick Facts

  • 52 credit hours within the history degree program
  • 32 credit hours in the well-rounded Integrative Core
  • Travel to conferences and seminars
  • Intern with local or regional museums and historical societies
  • Join clubs and honor societies to meet friends and build your résumé


Learn more about the degree in History

Immerse yourself in the past as you prepare to shape the future with Mount Union’s Bachelor of Arts in history degree. Our dedicated faculty, challenging coursework, and impactful experiences will ensure you are immediately ready for the career or graduate school you envisioned.



  • Curriculum


    As a history major at the University of Mount Union, you will partake in research and analysis while developing an understanding of the past and specific historical periods. As part of the history major requirements, you will explore not only U.S. history, but the histories of other locations and cultures around the world as well. Through your history degree studies, you will develop an appreciation and understanding of cultures and people worldwide.


    Successful students who complete the history degree program will be able to:

    • Demonstrate the ability to read and write as students of history, which means that they will be able to comprehend written material, describe the relevant issues, understand the basic arguments, and then defend their own positions.
    • Show their familiarity with major events, personalities, and issues related to the period being studied.
    • Approach the literature critically, analyzing and synthesizing information to answer or produce arguments, and counter-arguments within the field.
    • Address the historiography of the topic, which means that they will be able to think critically about the issues and how other historians have interpreted them.
    • Use historical data to make judgments on historical topics.

    View our University Catalogue to learn more.

  • Careers


    Our history major program will provide you with skills in historical research and analysis, an understanding of the past and in-depth knowledge of specific historical periods. As part of our history major requirements, you will explore U.S. history while also developing an appreciation of other peoples and cultures. This enhancement of your multicultural understanding will prepare you for a variety of history careers. You’ll also be prepared to continue your education in a variety of graduate programs or at law schools across the nation. No matter what your path, you will be primed for future success after obtaining a history degree from the University of Mount Union.


    Bass Security
    City of Wooster
    Mt Lebanon School District
    Educational Service Center
    Lake Local School District
    West Branch



    Law and government
    Business management

  • Experiential Learning


    Students who choose to major in history at the University of Mount Union have ample opportunities to get “real-world” experience outside of the classroom. By getting involved in extracurricular opportunities, you can strengthen your knowledge of political, economic, and international histories, which is critical to career success. These opportunities, which complement classroom learning, include:

    • Field trips to historical and cultural sites including Gettysburg Battlefield
    • Volunteer work at the Haines House Underground Project in Alliance
    • Online journal editing of published student and faculty essays and reviews on history
    • Annual student debate
    • Films, lecturers, and classroom speakers
    • Participation in regional and local conferences
    • Research with faculty or student peers
    • Research-based courses


    Internships provide you the chance to go into the workforce and gain hands-on experience, which is critical to finding a job after graduation. Internships provide a significant learning experience outside the traditional academic environment and it can be tailored to align with your career goals. Mount Union students have pursued challenging internships at local county and state historical societies and museums.


    History Club is a student-led organization on Mount Union’s campus.

    Phi Alpha Theta is a national history honor society.