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PT Application Process

Application Process

Applicants must complete all the prerequisite courses prior to enrollment in the professional curriculum. All required observation hours and recommended GRE tests will need to be completed by the time of application. If you have questions regarding the prerequisite requirements, ask Maggie Collins at

Applicants are required to create an account with the Physical Therapy Central Application Service (PTCAS) and submit all required materials as directed. All University or College transcripts required by PTCAS, using the PTCAS Transcript Request form, should be sent to PTCAS at:  PO Box 9112, Watertown, MA 02471.

Review of application materials will begin once a complete application is submitted through PTCAS and paired with the supplemental essay. Missing information will result in an incomplete application and is therefore subject to no review.


Please contact Maggie Collins with questions regarding your application materials at Questions specific to the PTCAS application process or required materials should be directed to PTCAS, contact information is available on the PTCAS website.

Apply Through PTCAS Now!


Deadline for applying is January 16, 2024,

and all materials must be submitted by that time. Please note, applications take approximately 6 weeks to be process in PTCAS. It is recommended to apply early.

When submitting your GRE score, please use our school code of 7411.

PTCAS Webpage Information: Mount Union Physical Therapy Directory

Instructions on the process for using PTCAS