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PA Program FAQs

Looking to enter the Physician Assistant Studies Program? Here are some frequently asked questions from interested students.

Physician Assistant Studies Program FAQs

  1. What portion of the Physician Assistant Studies Program takes place in the classroom and what portion takes place on rotation?

    The PA program is a total of 27 months. Students begin with a 15-month didactic phase, which includes learning the basics of biomedical science and clinical medicine through coursework and lab experiences inside the classroom. Upon completion of this phase, they then move on to 12 months of clinical rotations at area doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinics.

  2. Are there opportunities for PA students to develop their skills outside of the classroom?

    Mount Union’s PA program offers various educational opportunities for students outside of the classroom including clinical rotations, the AAPA National Conference, National Medical Challenge Bowl and PA student associations.

  3. Does Mount Union have any Physician Assistant student organizations?

    Students interested in or involved with the Physician Assistant Studies Program have the opportunity to participate in the Pre-PA Club, Physician Assistant Studies Program Student Society and the PA Professions Club.

  4. Is the Mount Union PA Studies Program accredited?

    The Mount Union PA Program currently holds continuing accreditation. Please refer to the “Accreditation Status” section of the website for more information.

  5. What is the length of the PA program?

    The program is 27 months long.

  6. When is the application deadline?

    All applications must be received by CASPA no later than October 1 to be considered for program entry the following May.

  7. May I attend the program part-time?

    No, the program is a full-time program.

  8. Is there an online option to complete the program?

    There is not an online option to complete the PA program at Mount Union.

  9. Can I work while attending the PA program at Mount Union?

    The PA Program is a full-time program.  Due to the intense course of study required to be successful in the program, students are strongly advised that they should not attempt to maintain outside employment while enrolled in the PA program.

  10. How many students are accepted to the program each year?

    The program will accept 40 students per cohort.  Each cohort of students will begin the program in May (summer semester).

  11. Is there advanced placement for applicants with foreign medical degrees?

    The Mount Union PA Program does not offer advanced placement, transfer of program credit, or credit for experiential learning for any candidate.

  12. Do I need to have all of the prerequisites complete in order to apply?

    No, you may have two prerequisite courses still in process. They must however be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or higher prior to matriculation if accepted into the graduate program. You will be able to indicate on the CASPA application which courses you still need to complete and the terms in which you plan to complete them.

  13. Do you require previous healthcare experience hours?

    No, we do not require previous medical experience in order to apply. It is helpful, and the admissions process favors those who have clinical experience.

  14. If I am accepted to the program, is there a fee to hold my seat?

    Yes, $750 is due on acceptance to the program and another $750 is due by March 1.  This money is applied to your tuition.