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Study Abroad Process

Studying abroad at Mount Union is a wonderful opportunity to expand your horizons and interact with people of different cultures. The planning stages outlined below will help you have the best study abroad experience possible. We recommend that you begin this process at least one year prior to the semester you plan on studying abroad. The Center for Global Education is here to assist you along the way and ensure you have a safe and fulfilling study abroad experience. If you're considering studying abroad, be sure to attend a study abroad information session and make an appointment to meet with the Center for Global Education staff to go over the process and any questions you might have.

Getting Started

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Meet with CGE staff to discuss study abroad opportunities

Meet the Center for Global Education staff to learn all about the various study abroad opportunities available to you.  Contact Jennifer Hall, Director of Global Education or Dawn Adams, Director of International Student Services at

Talk to your advisor about study abroad options

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to enhance your education in any field of study. Talk with your academic advisor as early as possible to fit it into your academic plan.

Complete UMU study abroad application

Complete the Mount Union study abroad application before the deadline to ensure your eligibility.

Apply to study abroad program by deadline

Make sure you apply to the specific USAC or direct exchange program you are interested in.

Apply for or renew your passport

If you don't have a passport, make sure you go through the steps to obtain one. If you do, make sure it is up-to-date and renew it if you need to. 

Research visa requirements for host country

Research visa requirements, along with any other information you might need to know, for the country to which you will be traveling. 

International students: make sure your visa and other documents are in order

If you are not from the United States but are traveling abroad, make sure your visa and other travel documents are in order before you go abroad. 

Important Next Steps

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Discuss financial aid options

Talk with the proper people (your family, CGE directors, and study abroad program directors) to discuss financial aid options. There are scholarships, grants, and other funding opportunities available for students wishing to study abroad.

Register with US Department of State’s free STEP program

Register with the US Department of State's STEP program to be notified of any safety and security information about the country to which you will be traveling. 

State Department 

Talk with your physician

Make sure you visit your doctor and get all the proper vaccinations and discuss any medicines/prescriptions you will need while abroad. For more information about health abroad, visit Center for Disease Control or World Health Organization.

Plan a budget

Studying abroad is full of fun and exciting opportunities; be sure to budget wisely.

Currency Exchange Rates 

Documentation and Travel Arrangements

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Complete all required study abroad documentation

Be sure to complete all pre-departure documentation needed for your study abroad program.

Research and reserve flights and arrange transportation to host site

Confirm your flight and transportation arrangements to your host city.

Apply for visa (if applicable), and be sure to know the timeframe of host country’s visa application and application deadlines.

Apply for a visa if you need one and make sure you apply before the deadlines. 

Final Steps

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Attend pre-departure orientation

Contact Jennifer Hall, Director of Global Education or Dawn Adams, Director of International Student Services at for pre-departure orientation information. 

Talk to credit card provider

Call your credit card company to let them know you will be abroad and make sure your card will not expire or be placed on hold for "suspicious charges" when it is used in another country.

Research cultural practices/norms of host country

Research the cultural practices and customs of the country to which you will be traveling. Doing so will make your transition smoother.

Explore how you will keep in touch with friends and family

Staying in touch with friends and family back home is important. Because every country is different, make sure you research how you will access internet and cell service and which apps will be viable in your host country.

Prepare a small travel file to hold your important documents

Prepare a file to contain all of your important documents to carry with you wherever you travel, including your passport and visa.

Confirm travel itinerary and arrival transportation arrangements

Double check all your travel arrangements, including your transportation to and from the airports and your flight number and time. Budget extra time to arrive early at the airport, especially for international flights.

Pack clothes appropriate for host country weather/season

Pack for the weather of the country to which you will be traveling. Do not overpack; remember, you can always buy things when you get to your host country if need be. 

Put all prescription medication/doctor authorization letter in your carry-on bag

Make sure you have a doctor's note for any prescription medications in your carry-on bag. Different countries have different laws for presciptions, so do your research and be prepared to produce your medical documentation if necessary.

Arrive at airport at least TWO hours before your departure time

Arrive to the airport at least two hours before your departure, maybe more, depending on the airport. Budget extra time for traffic, security, a meal, and any hiccups that may arise.

Let your family and CGE know you have arrived safely at your program site

Once you have arrived in your host country, notify your family and Jennifer Hall, Director of Global Education or Dawn Adams, Director of International Student Services at of your safe arrival.