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Applied Artificial Intelligence

Minor in Applied Artificial Intelligence

Discover how to ethically and efficiently harness the power of cutting-edge technology through our innovative applied artificial intelligence program. With a focus on discipline-specific tools and applications, you will explore various domains where AI is reshaping conventional practices while developing skills for crafting unique AI-powered solutions.

This program is inclusive and accessible to students of all backgrounds, with no prior programming experience needed. You will receive a comprehensive understanding of AI fundamentals, graphical representation, logical thinking, and practical experience through projects specific to your discipline. Whether you want to major in business, fine art, natural sciences, or any other field, our program will empower you to thrive in an AI-supplemented future.


Jobs Using AI

The State of Ohio is at the forefront of artificial intelligence in several industries. From Lordstown Motors and Intel in electronic manufacturing to the Cleveland Clinic using quantum computing in healthcare, AI-versed professionals are in high demand throughout Mount Union's surrounding communities.

Our minor in applied AI combines leading technological theories and practices with our education that is grounded in the liberal arts tradition, which includes ethical and societal implications of AI use. This ensures you are ready to be a well-rounded and conscientious leader in your field with the AI skills that are essential to thrive.


  • Curriculum


    Required Courses (Credit Hours)

    EGE 180: Fundamentals of AI (4)

    EGE 280: Visualizing Artificial Intelligence with Logical Thinking (4)

    EGE 380: AI Practicum (2)

    Note 1: The core courses are sequential in nature, where EGE 180 is a pre-requisite for EGE 280 and EGE 280 is a pre-requisite for but may be taken concurrently with EGE 380.

    Choose four (4) hours from the following discipline-specific courses (updated continuously to include more discipline-specific courses):

    CSC 480: Artificial Intelligence (4)

    POL 322: Cyberwar and Cybersecurity (4)

    ART 240: Graphic Design II (4)

    MKT 220: Marketing Principles (4)

    WRT 110H: Introduction to Professional Writing (4)