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Artificial Intelligence

Minor in Artificial Intelligence

Develop technical expertise in one of this generation's most in-demand fields with Mount Union's minor in artificial intelligence. As our world becomes more familiar with this innovative landscape, the need for professionals with AI expertise is growing rapidly: a 2023 Bloomberg report found that generative artificial intelligence will be a $1.3 trillion market by 2032, and our expert faculty will prepare you to be a leader in this ascending field.

Our program will prepare you to build customized AI solutions and pursue careers that require AI specialization. You will tackle hands-on projects that will challenge you to develop necessary skills in areas like language comprehension, computer vision, and finding hidden patterns in complex data. With a curriculum relevant to the rapidly evolving AI landscape, you will receive an intensive introduction to programming and algorithm development, machine learning, large language models (LLMs), neural networks, and software at the cutting edge of AI development.

You will also be provided with a solid grounding in societal and ethical issues involved in the development and use of AI. Our AI program is a perfect complement to our thriving offerings in the tech space, including computer science, computer engineeringdata science and analytics, and multi-platform software development.


  • Curriculum


    Foundational Programming (Choose one sequence, 8 sem. hrs.):

    CSC 120 - Programming and Problem Solving I1 | 4 sem. hrs.

    CSC 220 - Programming and Problem Solving II | 4 sem. hrs.


    DSC 140S - Data Science Fundamentals | 4 sem. hrs.

    DSC 250 - Scientific Modeling and Data Analysis | 4 sem. hrs.

    Core Artificial Intelligence (8 sem. hrs.)

    DSC 340 - Machine Learning and Neural Network Processing | 4 sem. hrs.

    CSC 480 - Artificial Intelligence | 4 sem. hrs.

    Electives (Choose at least one, 4 sem. hrs.)

    CSC 320 - Algorithms and Data Structures | 4 sem. hrs.

    CSC 450 - Theory of Computation | 4 sem. hrs.

    MTH 125 - Elementary Discrete Mathematics | 4 sem. hrs.

    MTH 223 - Intermediate Statistics | 4 sem. hrs.

    MTH 322 - Linear Algebra | 4 sem. hrs.

    MTH 333 - Linear Algebra & Differential Equations | 4 sem. hrs.