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Computer Science students working in a computer lab

Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Degree

Dominate your career with a Bachelor of Science in computer science degree from Mount Union. Whether your desire is to develop software systems, be a project manager, or an AI engineer, our program will give you valuable hands-on skills to transform the technology industry.

Expert faculty in the computer science program lead by example giving you the opportunity to conduct faculty-led, group, or independent research to sharpen skills attained in class. You will be positioned for internships with recognized employers, allowing you to gain confidence through interactions with industry professionals.


About the Program

The computer science major at Mount Union, which is part of the College of Applied and Social Sciences, prepares you to enter the real world a strong-minded professional able to solve technological and current problems. You will build your network through connections within the Society of Computing Students or student employment as a IT Help Desk or lab assistant.


Computer Science Quick Facts

  • 56 credit hours within the computer science degree program
  • 32 credit hours from the Integrative Core (IC)
  • Intern at recognized companies
  • Grow your professional network


Learn more about the Degree in Computer Science

Achieve your academic goals through hands-on skills in developing mobile apps or software systems with the Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Mount Union. Drive your career in the path you want to with the support from faculty guiding you based on years of experience in the field.

  • Curriculum

    As a computer science major, you'll be exposed to in-depth study of programming, computer organization, algorithms and data structures, theories and applications, networks, and operations systems. Not only will you study courses that focus on computers, but you will also study discrete mathematics, statistics, and calculus, which will prepare graduates to enter technological fields such as systems programming, technical support, research, and teaching. 


    • Students will demonstrate the ability to extend current knowledge and/or skills to a computing environment or problem currently unknown to the student.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to solve problems in the discipline. 
    • Students will demonstrate interpretive skills, incuding the ability to: a) analyze data statistically, b) interpret results of experiments, c) draw reasonable conclusions based on experimental results.
    • Students will learn and demonstrate standards of professional behavior, including rules of ethics and etiquette. 
    • Students will develop and demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a group on a common problem.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to search the relevant literature of the discipline to find information that addresses a specific problem.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to produce a technical document. 
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to give an effective presentation using visual aids and/or software demonstrations. 

    View our University Catalogue to learn more.

  • Experiential Learning

    Computer Science majors can participate in off-campus internships, independent study projects, part-time computer employment, lectures by guest speakers, Society of Computing Students, programming, and on-campus employment as lab assistants, lab supervisors, and HelpDesk assistants. These many opportunities to get "real-world" experience outside of the classroom will better prepare graduates for a successful technological-based career and graduate school. 


    Internships provide you the chance to go into the workforce and gain hands-on experience, which is critical to finding a job after graduation. Internships provide a significant learning experience outside the traditional academic environment and it can be tailored to align with your career goals. Mount Union students have the opportunity to pursue challenging internships with industries in the region including: 

    • Patriot Software
    • H-P Products
    • Progressive Insurance 


    Research allows you to analyze and investigate areas that you're most interested in. Students at Mount Union have the following research opportunities: 

    • Independent research study 
    • Research with faculty or student peers 
  • Careers



    Patriot Software

    Synergy Systems

    United States Department of Defense

    Cardinal Health Quadax Software





    University of Washington 

    University of Pittsburgh 

    Kent State University 

    Case Western Reserve University 

    Florida State University

    University of Illinois 

    Uniersity of Michigan 

    The Ohio State University 

    University of North Carolina 



    Systems programming

    Network administration 

    Computational science 

  • Facilities and Equipment

    Facilities and Equipment 

    The Computer Science Labs, located in the Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center (KHIC), contains Windows workstations with access to Linux and OSX systems with a variety of specialized software, a computer projection system, and a group project and study spaces. Besides the large, main lab, the department has two small labs for special projects. 

Computer Science Spotlights