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Chapman Hall at Mount Union

Deciding Students


Students–like you—are deciding on majors or careers. At Mount Union, we're all about empowering you to shape your college experience. With our campus community's support, you'll have many opportunities and tools to find what you're passionate about.

We offer discovery courses, an introduction to different majors, tailored to help you explore different areas while staying on track to graduate. Plus, our Center for Student Success is here to offer personalized guidance as you explore various majors and career options.

You will also have an array of amazing opportunities such as internships, research projects, employment experiences, and study abroad programs, all geared to help uncover what truly interests you. So, keep an open mind and make the most of what Mount Union has to offer!

From Deciding to Decided - Creating an Education that is Unique to You

Mount Union is a place for deciding students, like you, to uncover their academic path. With a wide range of programs and resources available, including majors, minors, and extracurricular activities, you'll have the chance to explore everything our campus has for you. Whether you're interested in joining athletic teams or getting involved in student-led organizations, there's something for everyone here. Plus, with personalized guidance from advisors, mentors, and administrators, you'll navigate your academic journey with ease. Together with your peers, you'll create an education tailored to your individual interests and passions.

  • Admission Process

    Let the Office of Admission help you in discovering your academic interests. We offer a range of events and visits designed to help undecided students explore their options. Our admission counselors serve as connectors for students, assisting them in connecting with various areas of campus. Whether you want to speak with faculty or students in different academic disciplines, explore resources at the Office of Student Success, or observe a class, we're here to guide you on your academic exploration journey!

    Personalized Campus Visit | Schedule a personalized visit to connect with faculty and staff in areas of academic interest. You can observe classes, meet one-on-one with faculty, and chat with career services.

    Fall Visit Day | Join us for Fall Visit Day, where you'll hear from faculty, students, and staff across campus. Explore our academic programs at the academic resource fair and chat with faculty.

    Academic-Specific Events | Throughout the year, departments host events for prospective students to learn about their curriculum, meet faculty, tour facilities, and connect with current students.

    Admitted Student Day | Experience a class observation and interactive session focused on Mount Union's Integrative Core at Admitted Student Day.

    View a list of upcoming admission events.

  • Go-To-Raider

    As an incoming first-year student, you'll be assigned a Go-To-Raider after you submit your deposit. Think of your Go-To-Raider as your personal guide throughout your transition to college life. They are there to answer any questions you have and get you connected with any Mount Union resources you might need.

    Connecting You to Success

    Your Go-To-Raider will be there to help you understand campus culture, plan your fall course schedule, and navigate any challenges you may encounter along the way. Whether you prefer communicating through email, phone calls, or even texts, your Go-To-Raider will be there to support you in any way they can.

    Throughout the summer and into the fall semester, they will continue to reach out to you to make sure you're feeling confident and prepared. Our goal is to help you build your schedule and transition smoothly into campus life.

    Being a Go-To-Raider is more than just a role – it's a commitment to helping you succeed. All our Go-To-Raiders undergo specialized training, attend summer Preview sessions, and continue to provide support after the fall semester begins.

  • Integrative Core

    Mount Union's Integrative Core, general education requirements, is designed in a way that allows students to find their passion(s) while developing marketable skills. Mount Union's faculty and staff are here to help undecided students explore and discover new areas of interest by exposing them to new disciplines, contexts, and cultures early in their academic career all while staying on track to graduate.

    Learn More about the Integrative Core

  • Advising

    The University of Mount Union offers opportunities for deciding students to meet and talk with advisors and mentors to use as resources and guides along their journey in exploring, identifying, and choosing a major that best suits them.

    Go-To-Raiders | Mount Union provides a Go-To-Raider (GTR) for all incoming first-year students, a personal guide for transitioning to college life. From planning your fall schedule to navigating campus life, your GTR is there for you. Whether by email, phone, text, or in-person meetings, they'll support you every step of the way. Trained and dedicated, our GTRs are committed to your success, offering ongoing support beyond the start of the fall semester.

    First-Year or Transfer Seminar (FYS or TRF) Instructors/Mentors | All new students take an FYS or TRF course in their first semester at Mount Union. The instructors in these courses not only serve as instructors but as mentors and academic advisors.

    Raider Guides | Mount Union's Raider Guides, peer mentors who work with new students during their entire first year on campus, have guided conversations with undecided students exploring their options for a major, and are fantastic resources for any questions you may have or where to find information on campus.

  • Search for a Major

    Through the Career Development Office housed in the Office of Student Success, Mount Union offers the Search for a Major program. This program offers coaching, assessments, and a Career Construction Interview process designed to help guide deciding students and students considering changing their major into a major that fits their interests and passions.

    Learn more about Mount Union's Career Development Office and all the resources offered to help you find the path you were meant to be on.