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Deciding Students


The University of Mount Union understands that incoming students may not know exactly what major or career they want to pursue. We embrace these students and want to let you know that this is very common – you are not alone. Alongside your peers, you will have the opportunity and resources to learn about and narrow down the many pathways available to you with the help of experienced mentors, faculty, and administrators who understand and truly care about the process. 

Creating an Education that is Unique to You

Through the many programs and resources offered on campus, you will have the opportunity to explore all that the University has to offer - majors, minors, extracurricular programs, athletic teams, student-led organizations, and service-based opportunities.

Students will be able to work alongside their peers as well as one-on-one with dedicated advisors, mentors, and administrators as they discover academic pathways that align with their interests and passions, creating an education that is truly unique to them.


  • Integrative Core

    Mount Union's Integrative Core, general education requirements, is designed in a way that allows students to find their passion(s) while developing marketable skills. Mount Union's faculty and staff are here to help undecided students explore and discover new areas of interest by exposing them to new disciplines, contexts, and cultures early in their academic career all while staying on track to graduate.

    Learn More about the Integrative Core

  • Academic Discovery Day

    Academic Discovery Day is an opportunity for students to learn about the academic offerings at Mount Union in interesting and engaging ways! Throughout the day, academic departments and programs host a variety of interactive sessions and activities for students to learn about majors and minors you might be interested in OR just to take advantage of the activities being offered. It is a great time to connect with faculty in your academic area of interest and to learn about the programs Mount Union offers, including classes you might want to consider for the next semester.

  • Sophomore Initiatives

    Students in their second year of college are still working to make connections on campus with faculty and staff and access resources that aid in their success while they search to discover and find homes in majors that speak to their passions.

    The University of Mount Union offers a Sophomore Series, which provides workshops and programming that are geared toward getting various campus offices and resources directly in front of second-year students in convenient and focused settings. This enables them to be able to find, talk to, and receive support from the area(s) they need to successfully transition into the second half of their educational career at Mount Union.

    Learn more about Mount Union's Sophomore Initiatives.

  • Search for a Major

    Through the Search for a Major program, the Center for Student Success offers coaching, assessments, and a Career Construction Interview process designed to help guide undecided students and students considering changing their major into a major that fits their interests and passions.

    Learn more about Mount Union's Search for a Major program.

  • Advising

    The University of Mount Union offers opportunities for deciding students to meet and talk with advisors and mentors to use as resources and guides along their journey in exploring, identifying, and choosing a major that best suits them.

    Preview Advisors and Mentors | Mount Union offers opportunities and resources for career exploration through Preview programming. Preview is a chance to “preview” much of what Mount Union has to offer new students. Preview will introduce new students to resources, experiences, other new students, upper-class student mentors, faculty, and staff. New students will also be able to speak and work with advisors, who understand the needs of students who have not yet selected a major, to schedule classes. The mentors offered at Preview often help students explore their options, including introducing them to faculty and resources that might be helpful in their discernment of a major.

    First Year or Transfer Seminar (FYS or TRF) Instructors/Mentors | All new students take an FYS or TRF course in their first semester at Mount Union. The instructors in these courses not only serve as the instructor but as a mentor and academic advisor.

    Raider Guides | Mount Union's Raider Guides, peer mentors who work with new students during their entire first year on campus, have guided conversations with undecided students exploring their options for a major, and are fantastic resources for any questions you may have or where to find information on campus.

  • Admission Event

    The Office of Admission offers campus visits Monday-Saturdays. Through these campus visits, we offer various sessions for students who are undecided on a major and are interested in exploring career options. These career exploration sessions employ different methods for getting to know and understand students' interests and personality traits and utilize various tools to help identify the best careers to match.

    These sessions will allow for meetings with faculty from different majors as well as offer a Career Construction Interview (CCI). The CCI will allow us to get to know and understand students' interests and work personality traits, which we then use to align with career options that best them.

    Also during the CCI, students have the opportunity to have conversations about different career opportunities within specific majors of interest, and we will be able to discuss how to best prepare for their future careers though different academic pathways, internships, graduate school, etc.

    Our admission counselors are also always available to help undecided students with any questions they may have about different majors and career options. Our counselors are also able to connect these students with faculty and staff in various disciplines across campus for more in-depth discussions.