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Integrative Core

Integrative Core

Ranked 13th in the nation for integrative learning by Best Colleges (2021)*, Mount Union’s Integrative Core Program, a portion of the general education, creates a space for you to find your passion(s) while developing marketable skills and staying on track to graduate.


The First Year Seminar: It’s about success.

Taken in your first semester, this topic-based course steps you into college life. Taught by your first faculty mentor, you navigate what it means to be a member of our campus community. This course is where college begins. Together, you, your peers, and your mentor explore academics, campus resources, and campus life. What does this mean? You are not alone.


Foundations: It’s about opportunity.

Typically taken throughout your first and sophomore years, these academic courses provide you with perspectives in thinking and problem-solving through the Humanities, Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Taught by faculty experts, Foundations are opportunities to discover new passion(s). What does this mean? You have direction.


Raider Foundations Portfolio: It’s about communication.

Typically submitted at the end of your sophomore year, this portfolio is a collection of your written and spoken work from your First Year Seminar and Foundations courses. A team of faculty members will evaluate your work to ensure that your communication skills meet the standards needed for your junior and senior years and beyond. What does this mean? You are skilled.


Explorations: It’s about perspective.

Typically taken in your junior year, these academic courses expand your self-awareness and understanding of others through a focus on values, reasoning, diversity, and global learning. Taught by faculty experts, Explorations develops your critical thinking and reflective practices so you can succeed in an increasingly interconnected world. What does this mean? You are insightful.


Capstone: It’s about collaboration.

Typically taken in your senior year, this topic-based course steps you beyond campus into real-world communities facing real-world issues. Guided by a faculty mentor, you and your peers address complex problems you will face in your lives and careers after college. Together, you propose and evaluate solutions to 21st-century dilemmas in real time. What does this mean? You are ready.

Current students, for more information about the Integrative Core, please log into D2L and click on the iCore tab.

*Best Colleges. (2021, December 21). The Best Integrative Studies Programs.