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The University of Mount Union’s accredited adolescence to young adult (AYA) education program allows students to not only major in AYA education, but also an area of study in which you are interested. Focusing on an area or areas of study allows students to be more proficient educators.

The AYA education minor is administered by the Department of Education’s CAEP accredited Teacher Education Program, which offers majors and minors in a number of other areas as well. 

Minor in Adolescence to Young Adult Education Quick Facts

  • Students completing minor in AYA education must have a major/majors to be able to fulfill degree requirements.
  • Licensure areas for AYA education minors include earth science, language arts, mathematics, social studies, life science, and physical sciences.
  • The AYA education minor allows students to gain hands-on experience through in-classroom fieldwork and other research.
  • AYA education minors have the opportunity to participate in a number of exchange programs, such as the Chicago Semester Program or be placed at a Native American reservation school.
  • Kappa Delta Pi is a student-led organization for education majors that promotes excellence in and recognizing outstanding contributions to education. Students are chosen by the Department to join the organization based on academic standing.
  • Student National Education Association is a student-led organization on Mount Union’s campus and is open specifically for education majors.

Required Courses

Interested in a minor in adolescence to young adult education? Learn more about the required classes you will be taking by reading the course descriptions and course catalogue.