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Credit Refunds

A credit refund results when your account has a credit balance due to an overpayment from the deposit of excess financial aid or student/parent loans. Anticipated financial aid is not considered definite until it has disbursed to your account.

Credit balances will show as a negative amount on your statement. Students who have a credit due to Title IV funding (including credit due to Parent Plus loans) will receive a refund of their credit balance the third week of classes for fall and spring semesters. Thereafter, refunds of any new credit balances will be processed every two weeks except during the holiday shutdown.

Refund amounts are subject to review.

We recommend students choose Direct Deposit as their preferred refund method. By electing this method, the University of Mount Union will electronically transfer funds into a checking or savings account selected by the student. The funds are typically received within 48 hours after processing. Students may also choose to receive their refund by paper check. By electing this method, the paper check will be available for pick up at the Office of Business Affairs. If no selection is made, the University, by default, will hold your check at the Office of Business Affairs to be picked up by the student. A method of return should be selected by the beginning of the semester.


How To Register Your Account for Direct Deposit

  1. Open Colleague Self-Service and Sign In.
  2. Click the Banking Information box on the home page.
  3. Click + Add an Account.
  4. Click the Activate button for Refund, Reimbursement & Payment Deposit
  5. Click next.
  6. Fill in bank account details and submit.
  7. Follow instruction to the end to complete your Direct Deposit information
  8. It will say your account is not verified. Once you enter your information and submit it, it will be verified by the Business Office

Should a credit balance result from an overpayment of personal funds, a refund will not be processed until the personal payment has cleared (10 business days).

Adding Direct Deposit video


Withdrawal Refunds

A student who wants to withdraw after classes have started for the semester initiates the process with the Office of Student Affairs. The official date of withdrawal is the date the student contacted the Office of Student Affairs OR the midpoint of the semester (please refer to Withdrawal Process in the Student Catalogue). Students who withdraw from the University entirely according to the process described above are eligible for a partial refund of tuition and fee charges according to the following schedule. Please note that a week is measured by Sunday through Saturday.

Fall and Spring Semester Withdrawals

Week Number  Refund Percentage   Charge Percentage
Week 1 100% 0%
Week 2 75% 25%
Week 3  50% 50%
Week 4 25% 75%
Week 5 and after 0% 100%

Room and board charges are refunded based on a pro-rata basis. Application fees, laboratory fees, and other course fees are not refundable after the add/drop period.

Summer Session Withdrawals

Refund Percentage   Charge Percentage
Week One 100% 0%
Week Two 50% 50%
Week Three 0% 100%