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Alyssa Hatton
Alyssa Hatton

Alyssa Hatton '18

Biology major (2018) accelerated BSN (2020)

At Mount Union, we have the privilege to learn nursing from all angles, and we are being trained to critically think and to provide next-level care to our patients.


Alliance, Ohio

Why Mount Union?

Leading up to graduation in Spring of 2018, I had been looking into different accelerated BSN programs around the North East Ohio area. It was shortly after graduation that Mount announced their own accelerated program would soon launch in Spring of 2019. While a gap-year was not in my initial plan following graduation, I was able to continue working at our local hospital and take entry level nursing courses at Mount to set myself up for the program start that spring. A huge factor in my decision to attend Mount Union`s accelerated BSN program as opposed to other programs, was the fact that this program could be completed in a 15-month period. Having already completed a bachelor’s degree, it was important to me to find a program that would provide me the ability to be graduated and working as a nurse in the shortest amount of time. Mount Union`s program was also the best financial option when compared to other programs. Additionally, the newness of the program was a factor of importance to me. I understood that while our faculty is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, this being a new program would provide the opportunity for faculty and staff to work together, and learn while shaping the program for the following cohorts.

Experiential Learning

At Mount Union, we have the privilege to learn nursing from all angles (the classroom, simulation room, lab skills days, and a variety of clinical experiences at multiple health care facilities. In addition, we have a highly educated, and knowledgeable instruction staff that allows our learning to go one step further every day both on and off-campus as we are being trained to critically think in all areas of nursing from nurses, and advanced practice providers to provide next-level care to our patients. Mount Union does an exceptional job of making the most of our clinical experiences, while on-site at different facilities we have the privilege of observing surgical procedures, cardiac catheterizations, rounding with respiratory therapy, sitting in on management rounds, cesarean sections, live births and much more. My favorite experience thus far has definitely been attending multiple cesarean sections in our obstetrics rotation. I felt that this experience served as a great learning opportunity for the importance of education, communication, and collaborative care between perioperative, operative, and post-operative nursing as well as including the patient and their families in a care plan that is unique to meet their specific needs. Also as an accelerated BSN student, our clinical experiences throughout the summer are 12 hours long rather than the traditional 6.5 hours which I feel is a huge benefit as we have the opportunity to provide care for our patients for a whole shift and are able to experience the demands of working 12 hours as we will be expected to following graduation as new nurses.

Career Goals

I am deeply interested in working as a nurse in pediatric oncology. As a Mount Union nursing student, we have the privilege of completing our pediatric care clinical experience at Akron Children’s Hospital, in addition to having instructors who have worked in pediatric care for years. Furthermore, I look to further my education and pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner. Personally, my ultimate career goal/dream is inspired greatly by our own, Dr. Dorris. I feel that she is such a valuable educator in our program and a great example of nursing as a whole. She always strives to go the extra step for us as students, in a way that reflects the type of care she ensures to her patients. Dr. Dorris is a provider, an instructor, a wife, and a mother; to me, that is the ultimate goal. Mount Union having such a high-quality staff, with a variety of backgrounds and experiences that all pull forward to build our education is what makes the university so unique and our program exceptional. At the completion of this program in August, I without a doubt will be able to say that earning a BSN in 15 months has been the most demanding, challenging, but most importantly, the most rewarding accomplishment of my life thus far. I am extremely thankful and proud to have done so at the University of Mount Union.